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The keyword last week was TRAVEL. It seems like we covered all three corners of the Commonwealth since Monday, traveling to see friends, clients and vendors…

Monday (11/11) – Veteran’s Day – On Monday morning Kelley “Philly” Miller and I traveled to beautiful downtown Irvington, Virginia and presented creative concepts to our clients at Northern Neck Insurance. The Northern Neck area is beautiful this time of year and the drive “to and fro” was a nice, relaxing way to kick off a Monday. The fact that our clients love the new logo, tagline and the creative work is just icing on the cake.

Our clients are FUN. Northern Neck Insurance CEO Pete Cammarata and Executive VP Jerry Wachter are pictured above with their band “Bay Ridge Blues Brothers.”

On Monday afternoon we paused to reflect and give thanks to our nation’s Veterans, and I shared a story with the team about Col. Van T. Barfoot, one of our nation’s greatest heroes. If you’ve never heard of Col. Barfoot’s distinguished service to our nation, click here. I guarantee you’ll be impressed.

Tuesday (11/12) – On Tuesday my travels took me to Lynchburg and Charlottesville. It was good to catch up with Justin Rossbacher at Abandon Films and tour their very cool office space in the Brewery Building on the “Hill City’s” new riverfront. Lynchburg is my hometown and it was good to see sooo much construction and new business activity, especially at Lynchburg College, where we met some very nice folks in the Communications department.

After scarfing down two Texas Inn cheesy westerns and a bowl of chili “all the way”, I headed north to Charlottesville to see a VERY, very rare event: two AP Top 25 Virginia basketball teams play each other. Molly “Florida” Quarles, Lindsey “Chesterfield” Durfee, Dustin “Gainesville” Hennessy and I had the privilege of watching #14 VCU down #25 UVA, 59-56, at JPJ Arena. #GoRamsGo

Wednesday (11/13) – Wednesday morning started with a quick conference call with the National MS Society, and it was good to learn of so many wonderful new research initiatives in the fight against MS. I traveled down to the Chesterfield Chamber’s monthly luncheon and had the pleasure of hearing James Hopper, Secretary of Veteran Affairs and Homeland Security for the Commonwealth, speak to an overflow crowd.

On Wednesday evening I met with Noah Pearcy and Hal Dowdy, our partners at Broadscope Media, and we toasted our mutual successes in 2013 – a whopping 13 video productions and record-setting six Telly Awards – over oysters and bourbon at Rappahannock. #mmm

Thursday (11/14) – On Thursday Molly locked me in the office and made me work… all day. Media strategies for 2014, new creative concepts for Yard Works and new radio for Capital Ale House were just some of my workaday accomplishments, but I was able to travel – back in time – to The Hippodrome for Comcast Spotlight’s Client Appreciation Party where we donned 1920′s garb and played “Guys and Dolls” all night.

“Flappers” Sammy, Lindsey, Kelley and Molly travel back in time to 1929.

Friday (11/15) – Last weekend, the Mighty Sharks of Alberta Smith improved to 10-0, winning their division by beating the Gordon Patriots 38-6. On Saturday afternoon, Jack and the crew play undefeated Woolridge and the winner advances to the CQL Superbowl on 11/23.

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My birthday/mid-life crisis extended into last week at Madison+Main, with a week full of “surprises.”

It was a wild and wacky five day weekend as I celebrated the 25th anniversary of my 21st birthday by hitting the Urbanna OysterFest last Friday (11/1), drove back to announce the Smith Sharks’ first playoff game Saturday night (which they won 12-0) and then drove my new Jeep up to Douthat State Park, so that I could get it dirty.

Monday (11/4) – Last Monday, while I was driving up and down mountains, the kids at Madison+Main welcomed VP of Operations Molly Quarles back from her 15-month exile in west Texas. Every one was excited to see Molly Marie’s smiling face, alive and in person, instead of on Skype.

Tuesday (11/5) – Election Day – On Tuesday, VP of Brand Strategy Kara Forbis came into town from Blacksburg, which was a delightful surprise. :)

On Tuesday afternoon, a few team members took a lunchtime field trip to visit Studio Center and very much enjoyed their tour and Starbucks gift cards. Special thanks to Ashley Smith-O’Meara for the hospitality.

Ashley and the Main-iacs show off their jazz hands.

I got back in town Tuesday night just in time to vote — 10 minutes before the polls closed! — and then watched election returns. I learned that Terry McAuliffe will be Virginia’s next governor in a couple of months, the same job held by noble Virginian’s like Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. Learn more about Syracuse, New York’s favorite son here.

Wednesday (11/6) – On Wednesday we had a very productive meeting with long-time client Capital Ale House in advance of their holiday gift card promotion. The friendly folks at Capital Ale remind you: “This Year. Give Beer.” If you buy a $100 gift card for someone else, they will give you a $20 gift card for free. Visit capitalalehouse.com for more details.

On Wednesday night, Molly, Kara and I grabbed dinner at Social52, where I was delightfully surprised by the menu (I tried brussels sprouts for the 3rd time in my life and actually liked them) and we were pleasantly surprised to run into Senior Account Manager Katie Hurst and her “beau” Kyle Langemeier who joined us for dinner.

Thursday (11/7) – On Thursday morning, it was no surprise that 50% of the company was extremely hungover, since most everyone celebrated Molly’s return from Texas in traditional “Molly Style”… drinking on a Wednesday night.

Mid-afternoon slump?

The crew recovered by noon and celebrated Kara Forbis’ 4th Madison+Main anniversary with pizza from Mellow Mushroom.

On Thursday afternoon, we completed production on Kambourian Jewelers’ new TV spot, which has a VERY surprising ending. Click here to see the spot we produced in partnership with Broadscope Media called “Bold Statement.”

Also, my heartfelt congratulations go out to Ric Withers, owner of Wythken Printing, who celebrated their 10th anniversary on Thursday. We are so proud to have been their partner for the last eight years.

Friday (11/8) – On Friday morning we had the opportunity to visit with Ashley Abplanalp, the Money Mom, who provides individuals and families with no-nonsense financial counseling. Be on the lookout for Ashley’s new website and Richmond-wide marketing campaign!

This afternoon, we met with BES Studios’ Executive Producer Mark Remes and DirectorSteve Lyons, as we prepare to shoot another spot for Lucy Corr Village.

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Hey folks,

Last week at Madison+Main I learned that Mercury is in retrograde, which is why no one in Washington can get along with each other, the economy soured in the third quarter and everybody was in a foul mood last week. Last week again we looked to the heavens to guide us (just kidding, I don’t believe in astrology).

Monday (10/28) – On Monday, I had lunch with Jay Sandusky, a talented copywriter and Scorpio. I was happy to introduce him to the delicious but eclectic buffet at Mama Musu’s at the corner of 2nd and Main. Then, I spent the afternoon working on media plans with Account Manager’s Kelley “Leo” Miller and Katie “Cancer” Hurst

Tuesday (10/29) – On Tuesday, with one week left in the election cycle, I was pleased to see a host of Chesterfield County officials doing a presentation on the Bond Referendum’s at my Rotary Club. This year I sat on the board of Citizens for Chesterfield Students, which advocates passage of the school and safety Bond Referendum’s, and am proud that Madison+Main was able to donate creative and media buying services to the group. If you live in Chesterfield, and if you vote, please vote YES for the school Bon Referendum’s. (Thank you. Sorry about the political message, but schools are something that I really care about.)

On Tuesday afternoon I played hooky for a few hours and tried to test the theory that The Best Deals are Written by Whitten. Thanks to the management at Whitten Brothers of Richmond for their willingness to negotiate on a brand new Jeep Unlimited. During a midlife crisis some guys buy sports cars, I bought something that can run over other guys sports cars.


Wednesday (10/30) – Wednesday was jam-packed: 1) we had lunch with the Boggs Boys from longtime client Richmond Alarm 2) we shot a new TV ad for Kambourian Jewelers and 3) I met Davis & Green Electrical TV star Greg Green at Starbucks. Ready? Here it goes: I highly recommend that you buy custom made jewelry at Kambourian Jewelers, then get an alarm system to protect it from Richmond Alarm then call Davis & Green Electrical to get a Generac Generator installed to make sure that the alarm system is always on.

Thursday (10/31) – On Thursday the entire crew at Madison+Main celebrated Halloween and my 46th birthday by dressing up in “Dave costumes”. Sammy dressed up as VCU Dave, Dorsey dressed up as Mary Washington college Dave, Kelley dressed up as Seersucker Dave, Kara dressed up as Madison+Main Dave, Geoff dressed up as Redskins Dave, Colleen dressed up as bow tie Dave, Lindsey B. dressed up as bowling Dave, Emily P. dressed up as drinking Dave, Shay dressed up as Ad Exec Dave, Katie dressed up as Coach Dave and Lindsey D. dressed up as Dave’s favorite football player: Jack.


Friday (11/1) – I’m sure there was lots of fun stuff going on at Madison+Main, however, my only official business Friday was to write this email, since I drove my new toy down to Urbanna to get a head start on Virginia’s largest party: the Urbanna Oyster Festival.


Remember next Tuesday, you can always vote d) none of the above.

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After last week at Madison+Main, I may have to turn in my “man card.” I wrote two TV Ads about jewelry. I reviewed color swatches with “the girls” and thumbed through furniture catalogs. I ate my first salad in two years… and I got a pedicure.

I’m turning into a chick. :(

I know you’re dying to learn what happened at the corner of “Madison Avenue and Main Street” last week, so let’s get into it:

Monday (10/21) – At Monday morning’s meeting I shared news of the Alberta Smith Sharks incredible victory over the Spring Run Huskies, 24-0 last Saturday. The Sharks have won seven in a row and remain undefeated this season!!

Tuesday (10/22) – I spent most of Tuesday morning in the recording studio, voicing radio spots for Howell’s Heating & Air, Uptown Alley and several TV voiceovers. It is always fun to spend time with my buds at Broadscope Media. Congratulations to Nick DiMartino who joined the Broadscope team this week full time!

I also met with Ric Withers, President of Wythken Printing on Tuesday. Wythken is Madison+Main’s longest-running client, having signed a contract with our company eight years ago this week. If you are looking for business cards, brochures or any commercial printing needs call Wythken first at (804) 353-8282 or visit www.wythken.com.

Wednesday (10/23) – On Wednesday we were treated to a boatload of chicken nuggets and delicious Chik-Fil-A sides by Primerica Area Manager Amanda Chase, who delivered a very informational “Lunch & Learn” to the M+M crew. Do you know the difference between term life and whole life? Well, I didn’t until Wednesday. Thanks to Amanda for dropping by and helping us navigate the complex world of life insurance.

Later that afternoon, Kayte Pellock from AFR dropped by to talk to us about the options they have for special events and trade shows ….and to consume a couple of margaritas.

Our new Margaritaville brand margarita-maker! #tequila

VP Kara Forbis was also in town and made me eat a salad. This was the first salad I have had in two years.

Thursday (10/24) – On Thursday we spent time preparing several 2014 media plans for clients, including one for Yard Works. I’m pretty sure we’ll be making a TV sequel to the “Weekend Warrior” next year, so check out Yard Work’s award winning spot here.

In the afternoon, I consulted with a client on LinkedIn’s new recruitment advertising platform. We have learned a lot over the past couple of months about using social media sites to recruit top-notch talent. If you’re having trouble finding the right person for the job, call us, maybe we can help your company too. (804) 521-4141

Special thanks to the world’s best media rep Brendan Kennedy from MNI/TimeWarner Publications, who treated the Main-iacs to manicures and pedicures at Fusion Nail Spa on Thursday night. Account Manager Kelley Miller plied me with alcohol and forced to me to get a pedicure.

The Madison+Main-iacs get pampered in Carytown.

Friday (10/25) – On Friday morning Digital Marketing Manager Dorsey McFadden and I worked on clients’ Google+ pages and brainstormed new ways to leverage Google’s changes in SEO algorithms (if you don’t know what that last sentence meant, click here).

At lunch, I was able to reconnect with RVA’s Secret Millionaire Debbie Johnston, CEO of Care Advantage and about a dozen other companies. Normally I would pick up the tab, BUT I was having lunch with a millionaire, so I let Debbie pick up the tab at Tripp’s. In all seriousness, congrats to Care Advantage for being Finalists in the GRCC Impact Awards!

Friday afternoon Comcast/Xfinity  “super rep” Karen “Moneybags” Newmyer dropped by with food and giant cocktails. She gave our Account Team a presentation on why we should buy more Comcast. The liquor worked: We’re buying more Cable TV!

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Last week at Madison+Main, we were very excited to find out that the U.S. Government was finally getting back to work, but saddened to hear that Miley Cyrus was still in the news. Our new new motto is: “More workin’, less twerkin’.”

It was a busy week, with some new faces at Madison+Main and a chance to reconnect with some old friends…

Monday  (10/14) – On Monday, we welcomed Lindsay Benesek to Madison+Main as our new part-time Receptionist/Director of First Impressions. At Madison+Main we guarantee that Lindsay will smile when you walk in, or your money back.

Lindsay Benesek and Lindsay Benesek’s evil twin.

After the MMMMM (Madison+Main Monday Morning Meeting), I dropped in on our friends at Broadscope Media to record several radio spots and a TV voiceover for Howell’s Heating & Air. The spot will be finished next week and will be running in the first week of November on a variety of Clear Channel radio stations right here in Richmond.

At the end of the day I attended a Midlothian Rotary board meeting and then raced off to football practice. The mighty Sharks of Alberta Smith Elementary remain undefeated by knocking off Betty Weaver 18-0 Saturday night at the old Clover Hill High.

Tuesday (10/15) – On Tuesday, we were delighted to welcome Danna Geisler, newly minted President of the Chesterfield Chamber, to our offices downtown. Danna, Sammy and I discussed the Chamber’s bold new marketing plans for 2014.

Later that morning, we assembled the creative team and started work on new television concepts for Springdale at Lucy Corr , and were delighted to hear that our TV marketing has been performing so well for them. Hurry, there are only ten cottages left, starting at $108,000. Yes, you read that right, Springdale is 50% off right now.

At lunchtime, I tried to join a conference call for the MS Society, but apparently had the wrong number and for once, it was good just to sit in my office with the door closed and talk to no one for an hour.

Wednesday  (10/16) – On Wednesday, I met my friend Bobby Kelland for coffee and talked about my upcoming speaking engagement at the Southport Business Association in December. I am a big fan of Aflac and big fan of Bobby. You should really get Aflac. Regardless of what business you are in, you probably need it. Call him at (804) 350-1268. (Drop my name and you may not get a discount on your supplemental insurance, but you may get a free cup of coffee.)

I had lunch with pal Bart Levi on Wednesday. She is the Marketing Director for Nimble Pitch, a very cool software program described as a “sales powered tool that helps enterprise sales people execute more effectively at every touched point in a complex sales process.” Check it out at www.nimblepitch.com.

Later that afternoon we met with the leadership at Uptown Alley and I was able to show them their new TV spot. The Tooth Fairy, Santa and the Easter Bunny walk into a bar… check out the new spot here.

Thursday (10/17) – On Thursday, I won a personal victory in my ongoing battle with Windstream and they finally allowed me to change our “on hold” music. People called in all day, just to be put on hold. As of Thursday, when you call Madison+Main, you hear Apache by Sugarhill Gang.

In the afternoon, we worked on a variety of 2014 media plans and got the team together to concept some new TV spots. Stay Tuned!

Chris Fawcett from Third Marble Marketing dropped by in the afternoon to discuss our mutual client Davis & Green Electrical. And later that afternoon old pal Jack Hartman dropped by from Studio 108 and we worked on new TV campaign.

Friday (10/18) – The Main-iacs took time out of their busy day to dine together on delicious Chipotle on Friday. The special occasion? Senior Account Manager Katie Hurst celebrated her 2nd anniversary with the company and we roasted her. Click here to see special video highlights of “Skatie” over the last 24 months.

Friday afternoon we were honored to host the James Madison University Ad Club, 17 undergrad Dukes who travelled all the way from Harrisonburg to tour Madison+Main. Just like the D.A.R.E. ‘Scared Straight’ program, we strongly advised the kids not to do drugs or enter the AD biz.

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I know you’re all dying to know the score of last week’s Sharks game, and I am dying to give you a report. The mighty Sharks of Alberta Smith downed the Clover Hill Bulldogs 24 – 2 on their home field and most likely ruined their homecoming festivities. With only three games to go in the CQL season, the Sharks are undefeated at 5-0. Yours truly is the Public Address Announcer. #LetsGetReadyToRumble

It rained so much last week at Madison+Main, that I started collecting animals in pairs and building a large boat. But, because of the government shutdown, I couldn’t get a boat building permit or a zoo license to keep exotic animals, so I put my Swami hat back on and returned to my day job as “Marketing Guru.”

Monday (10/7) – On Monday, we celebrated Digital Marketing Manager Dorsey McFadden’s birthday by gathering in the conference room and singing “Happy Birthday” to her. However, because Madison+Main employees get their birthdays off, she was not there to hear our lively rendition of #HBTY.

In other news, on Monday I was delighted to see that Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Biz Buzz Columnist Randy Hallman wrote about Richard Bland College’s recent re-branding. We have very much enjoyed working on this project with the leadership at RBC. In case you missed it take a look here to read the “Bold about Bland” article.

On Monday afternoon, we had a great meeting with the team from Kambourian Jewelers and are very excited about their new marketing campaign.

Tuesday (10/8) – Tuesday’s highlight was our 4th Annual M+M Chili Cook Off, where Katie Hurst was named Grand Champion, Graphic Designer Colleen Festa was a close 2nd with her Tipped Cow Chili, Sarah Dawes Murphy won 3rd place for the second straight year and Account Executive Sammy Yatco took home the “People’s Choice Award.” The judges apparently didn’t like my chili, which was entitled Jamaican Me Crazy Chili. Even though they know absolutely nothing about chili, I would like to thank WRIC Anchor Gene Cox, WTVR’s Lorenzo Hall and Style Weekly’s Restaurant Editor Robey Martin for being such good sports and judging this intense competition.

Our celebrity judges congratulate the Chili Cook Off winners!

Wednesday (10/9) – Wednesday started off tough as my son Jack had a tummy ache, which left me playing “Mr. Mom” in the morning.

On Wednesday afternoon, photographer and videographer Kieran Wagner was on scene snapping pics and shooting video for our new website. Apparently he captured a lot of good shots of us desperately trying not to look at him. “God willing and the creep don’t rise,” our new website will be up mid-November, but do not fret, I’ll send you a link.

Thursday (10/10) – On Thursday, I reconnected with my friend Karen Tucker, Account Executive at Ukrop’s Dress Express, and we tried out the new Indian Restaurant on Broad Street called Lemon. Two pieces of advice for you: 1) if you need branded apparel, call my friend Karen at (804) 323-3300, she’ll take care of you, and 2) never order anything “Indian Hot” at an Indian restaurant. Seriously, 24 hours later and I still can’t feel the roof of my mouth. (In all seriousness, Lemon was quite a find. The food was excellent. I highly recommend it.)

There are lots of things that we do at Madison+Main to keep the creative juices flowing, one of my favorites is a tiny dry erase board that sits on Marketing Administrator Lindsey Durfee’s desk. We call it the Durf Board. On Thursday, I learned that Durfee’s Law is very different than Murphy’s Law:

Friday (10/11) – At Madison+Main we have a Durfee and a Murphy. On Friday morning, Account Executive Sarah Dawes Murphy spent the morning visiting finalists for the Young Professionals Work Place Award. As a previous winner of the award, Madison+Main was able to enlist Sarah onto the selection committee and she did a great job. This year’s YP Award will be announced in November at the GRCC’s Annual Dinner.

On Friday morning, Kelley “Buttercup” Miller and I hit 64 East and drove down to Irvington, Virginia to present our brand and marketing strategy report to the Board of Directors at Virginia’s Best Insurance Mutual: Northern Neck Insurance Company. I cannot say enough great things about Northern Neck; their products and their people are both outstanding and we’re very excited about working with them. To learn more about them, visit their website.

Wherever you go this weekend, make it a great one.

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Even though it still feels like Summer, we were in full Fall mode at Madison+Main this week. And that means a) lots of charity events where I have to wear golf clothes and b) lots of charity events where I have to wear black tie and tails. I made several trips to the dry cleaner this week. It’s a good thing I own 2 tuxedos.

Monday (9/30) – I ate at Beauregard’s Thai Room three times this week. Woohoo.

Starting on Monday, I had a great lunch with Mark Fetter, Publisher of Fifty Plus Magazine and Richmond Parents Monthly. Mark and I chatted about generational similarities between Boomers and Gen Y, and looked for new opportunities to work together. Be sure to check out our recent ad for Lucy Corr Village in Mark’s Magazine. (Thanks Mark, for being an avid reader of the M+M Weekly Report!)

Madison+Main Moment in History: On September 30th, 2005, I started Madison+Main with one employee and zero clients. On September 30th, 2013, we celebrated our 8th birthday by taking the entire crew out to the State Fair of Virginia. Happy Birthday to us!

Tuesday (10/1) – On Tuesday, Account Executive and Marketing Ninja Sammy Yatco and I traveled to the beautiful Strasburg, Virginia to meet with the leaders of First Bank to discuss their 2014 Marketing Plan. We love thinking ahead and preparing for the future, so that’s why we’ll have their 2014 plan done before Halloween.

On Tuesday evening, I was back in Richmond and fortunate enough to attend the Central and Eastern Virginia Chapter of the National MS Society’s Dinner of Champions event at the Jefferson Hotel. Last week I was on a boat and this week I was in a tux. It’s tough being a gangsta. The dinner, honoring Luck Stone Chairman Emeritus, Charles S. Luck IIIwas a big hit, raising over $355,000 for people struggling with MS. Special thanks to Account Executive and smoked turkey leg connoisseur Sarah Dawes Murphy, who was unfortunate enough to be my date.

Sarah samples a smoked turkey leg from the State Fair of Virginia.

Wednesday (10/2) – On Wednesday, I got my 2nd opportunity to eat at Beauregard’s by dining with long time friend and LeClairRyan Partner Will Shewmake and new friend Mark Chimento, President of Hy-Tech Property Services.

On Wednesday night, I traded in my tux for a Rotary golf shirt and greeted more than 5,000 people at the Magnificent Midlothian Food Festival. The event, which supports over 20 local charities, had a record turnout and perfect weather for the 25th straight year.

Thursday (10/3) – On Thursday morning, I secured my Foursquare Mayorship of the prestigious Commonwealth Club by attending a meeting of the Insiders, a notorious secret society of business leaders who control everything that happens in Richmond. Ooops! Since this email is seen by almost 4,000 people, I guess the secret is out… #justkidding

By the time lunch time rolled around on Thursday, I was hoping that my friend and CEO of the Virginia Cancer Institute Tom Gallo would have chosen any other food in Richmond except Thai. But you guessed it, for lunch we were back at …Beauregard’s. In all seriousness, Tom and I had a great conversation and it was good to reconnect.

On Thursday evening I participated in a very exciting and very rewarding Chesterfield Chamber board meeting, because my good friend Danna Geisler recently assumed the role of President of the Chamber and helped preside over the meeting. Congratulations Danna, and if you missed the news click here to read the article.

Friday (10/4) – “Friday, Friday, Friday…” I had that stupid Rebecca Black song stuck in my head and now you do too. It was a fun and fab Friday, spent mostly at FUMA (Fork Union Military Academy), where we had lunch with the cadets and great meetings with Director of Communications CPT Dan Thompson, President RADM J. Scott Burhoe and Director of Admissions COL Steve Macek.

The best news? I didn’t have to have Thai food. The worst news? I have to drive to Swan Dry Cleaners to pick up my tux, so I can see this year’s Woman on the Move winner Lisa Schaffner at the “United for UNOS Soirée.

In sporting news, the mighty Sharks of Alberta Smith continued their undefeated run through the northern division of the Chesterfield Quarterback League, by blanking Providence 20-0. Tomorrow night we take on our arch-nemesis Clover Hill at Grange Hall Elementary. Let me know if you want to see the game, because I’ve got the hook up for tickets.

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Any time a major-leaguer can hit two out of three, it’s considered a good day. At Madison+Main last week, we were batting .667… two out of three phone calls were hit, two out of three happenings put us into positive territory, but as you read further, you’ll realize that we had a couple set backs too…

Monday (9/23) – On Monday, we had a second HVAC unit go on the fritz, meaning two out of the three AC units have gone down in the past week. But, despite the bad weather last Saturday Capital Ale’s Oktoberfest went off without a hitch and the mighty Sharks ofAlberta Smith shut out Evergreen on Saturday night in the pouring rain. The Sharks scored two out of every three times they touched the ball.

Tuesday (9/24) – On Tuesday morning at the Midlothian Rotary meeting, we put together final preparations for next Wednesday’s big event; the Magnificent Midlothian Food Festival. Our club was recognized by the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors for hosting this event for the last 25 years. There are a few tickets left online and 100% of the proceeds benefit local charities. Click here to buy your tickets!

I was pleased and honored to host Dr. Debbie Sydow, President of Richard Bland College, at Rotary. She gave a terrific presentation on Richard Bland’s history, affiliation with William & Mary and shared her big plans for the Commonwealth’s only two-year public college. To learn more about Richard Bland College and its big plans for the future, click here.

Later that day, I returned the favor by traveling down to the college and speaking to students in the Honors Program about Branding in the Age of Convergence. (I speak to a lot of business and civic groups on branding, marketing and the interactive web. If you need a speaker of marginal capabilities, please call me at the office and I’ll try to oblige.)

Wednesday (9/25) – Wednesday was jam-packed with highlights, including a Lunch & Learn featuring our own client, Ashley Abplanalp, also known as the “Money Mom.” Ashley dropped by and delivered a one-hour financial education seminar that went over very well, especially with the 20-somethings in the office. In addition to her day job as The RVA Realtor, Ashley coaches people and families on financial matters.

Wednesday night was a huge success; with more than 100 people attending our first ever get together on a boat. Special thanks to the crew at Flatheads, docked off Wharf Street near Rocketts Landing, for being such gracious hosts! Next month’s Mixer is on Wednesday, October 16th… stay tuned for the location.

Thursday (9/26) – On Thursday morning I attended the quarterly luncheon for the Virginia Council of CEO’s at UR’s Jepson Alumni Center.

In the afternoon we released our latest TV ad for Lucy Corr Village entitled “Hugs.” This spot was truly a labor of love and features real life caregivers and real residents of Lucy Corr Village. I’d love to know what you think of the ad. Click here to see the ad before it hits the airwaves.

Friday (9/27) – Friday morning, I made a special batch of Lynchburg Lemonade, which is what I call three parts Jose Cuervo margarita mix to one part Jose Cuervo. In fact, I made five gallons of it to pour at the Chesterfield Chamber Golf Tournament, but Virginia ABC laws got in the way and we were limited to only giving away beers to the business people playing at the beautiful Highlands Golf Club. But don’t you worry… Sammy, Sarah, Katie,Lindsey, Kelley and I drank up the margaritas.

Madison+Main’s Account Team served up drinks and smiles at the Chesterfield Chamber Golf Tournament Friday.

Thanks for reading the M+M Weekly Report!

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Last week was a good news/bad news kind of week at Madison+Main, but you know me, I’m an optimist and I always look toward the bright side. Friday, the bad news was that we need a new HVAC unit (in the building we just purchased.) The good news is that Howell’s Heating & Air is one of our best clients and is taking care of everything for us. Howell’s Heating & Air wants us to “Be Comfortable”.

Despite the dire news I’ve been hearing about Obamacare, there was plenty of good news last week:

In sporting news, I am happy to report that the Mighty Sharks of Alberta Smith up-ended the Powhatan Tribe last Saturday, 13-6, to remain undefeated on the season.

Saturday also marks the official start of Oktoberfest. Our client Capital Ale House had a mega party in downtown Richmond for their big Oktoberfest celebration. Polka, music, dancing and of course lotsa beer. Just say YES to OKTOBERFEST!

Monday (9/16) – Monday was busy and productive and it started with an inspirational message from “the Universe.” Specials thanks to Account Manager Kelley Miller who turned me on to Mike Dooley’s www.tut.com on Monday. If you’d like to get funny, weird, kinda random, quasi-inspirational messages delivered to your inbox each morning, sign up here.

I highly recommend it.

Speaking of Kelley Miller, I was happy to learn that she had donated a multi-media art piece to Keep Virginia Beautiful. I also purchased my tickets to the Gala on Monday. You too can support this great organization by visiting www.kvb60.org for their 60th anniversary celebration on Saturday, October 5th.

Tuesday (9/17) – On Tuesday morning we were delighted to meet with representatives from Union Presbyterian Seminary regarding their upcoming marketing needs. I was fascinated to learn more about this legendary RVA institution.

Also, on Tuesday, we paused to reflect that the “heart” of Madison+Main, the glue that binds us all, the nicest person in the world, aka VP of Operations Molly Quarles celebrated her 6th anniversary with the company. She’s on vacation this week, but I know she reads the Weekly Report, even on the beach.

Wednesday (9/18) – It was a long, glorious day on Wednesday, as we had a highly productive meeting with our client Kambourian Jewelers then worked late into the evening shooting a new television spot for Uptown Alley with our friends at Broadscope Media.

Santa, the Tooth Fairy & the Easter Bunny at
Uptown Alley’s TV Shoot

And I am pleased to report that during this year’s Amazing Raise the Lucy Corr Foundation raked in a whopping $9,135 in only 36 hours. Out of 541 charities participating, LCF ranked 27th in fundraising! Thanks to everyone who helped us provide support and care for the areas aging population.

Thursday (9/19) – In addition to Thursday being International Talk Like a Pirate Day #ITLAPD and Uptown Alley having a successful promotion that involved lots of Yarrs and Arrgghhs, Thursday was also the date of the Central Virginia Chapter of the MS Society’s Women on the Move Luncheon. At Madison+Main we were especially proud that two of the four finalists, Debra Q. Marlow at Lucy Corr Village and Melissa Ball at Ball Office Products, are both longtime clients. Both Debra and Melissa were recognized alongside Darrel Mason, Attorney and Lisa Schaffner, Public Relations and Marketing Director at UNOS.

Later that afternoon we met with Virginia Women’s Center’s executive board and presented our 2014 marketing plan. It was good seeing the docs at VWC on International Talk Like a Pirate Day. We’re making this a tradition.

Friday (9/20) – Special thanks to Digital Marketing Manager Dorsey McFadden who trained staffers on the recent changes in Facebook advertising and promoted posts. The more we know, the better job we can do for our clients. Is your company using Facebook for advertising? How has it been working for you? I’d love to get your feedback on it.

Before I close the report out, I wanted to make sure that you got your invitation to next week’s M+M Monthly Media Mixer, which starts at 5:00pm on Wednesday, September 25th at Flatheads.

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