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Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 2/24/14

Hey folks,

It was a busy and productive week at Madison+Main, as I was able to see lots of clients face-to-face, which I think is better than following their exploits on Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, a 16-year-old told me last week that Facebook was “dead.” Although I don’t agree with this, a recent University College of London report states that “…with 16-18 year olds, Facebook is not just on the slide, but it is basically dead and buried…” The logic behind this stems from the fact that Facebook usage among teenagers has dropped 25% in the last three years. However, the article fails to mention that Facebook doubled in size in that same time period and grew in every other age segment except 15-18. Long live Facebook.

And long live meeting people face-to-face.

Monday (2/17) – Monday was President’s Day, one of my all-time favorite holidays. Most people take the day off, but at Madison+Main we were hard at work, trying to make some more “Dead Presidents. I took a brief break to drive my wife Sue to Advanced Orthopedics, so they could look at her knee. The other weekend Sue nearly escaped death when she fell off the side of Wintergreen and broke her tibial plateau. (She’s doing much better, thanks for all of the kind words and wishes you sent our way last week.)

We welcomed in a new batch of really fun, cool, smart young people this week, also known as the Madison+Main Interns, and at our Monday Morning Meeting we were treated to their “nickname presentations.” When you call the office next week and Kristen answers, just simply call her “Cheeeetah.” Rocky is now “Mullet,” Brandon is “Dingles,” and Josh is“Dragonballz.”

Don’t ask.

Tuesday (2/18) – I was back in the saddle at Rotary and got some face-time with lots of friends, including Jimmy Hyman, who next week becomes the new GM at Green Top…one of my favorite stores on Earth.

In the afternoon we sat down for a good face-to-face with Greg Green and Lynn Green, our friends at Davis & Green Electrical, where we presented the quarterly marketing report and talked about their next series of PR and marketing initiatives.

I also got some time in the studio at Broadscope Media on Tuesday, putting the finishing touches on our new series of TV ads for First Bank. The spot is SO HOT that the Richmond Fire Department showed up halfway through our recording session.

No one died during the making of our new ad for First Bank

Wednesday (2/19) – On Wednesday morning I had a one-on-one with the lovely, talented Terri Jones with Wordplay Creative. Special thanks to Trina Willard from Knowledge Advisory Group for making the introduction…via LinkedIn. Trina, when will I see your lovely face again? Soon I hope!

Speaking of lovely faces, Sarah Dawes Murphy and I met with the marketing committee for the National MS Society of Central & Eastern Virginia on Wednesday night. My first suggestion? Let’s rebrand with a much shorter and simpler name. (Don’t you think MS Society of Virginia would be a better brand name?)  🙂

Thursday (2/20) – Lots of work during the day, but the highlight was meeting with Richard Bland College and some of my favorite clients, Dr. Debbie Sydow, Laschrecse Aird and Jenna Chaney.

I got a call in the middle of the day from the nurse at Bailey Bridge Middle School who told me that my son Jack had a concussion. It appears that the boy banged his head into the locker door above him. His mom said, “send him back to class.” I said, “there is no way you can get a concussion banging your head on a locker door two inches away.” The teacher and nurses aid begged to differ and sent him home…diagnosis: concussion. A couple hours later at basketball practice, the younger Mr. Saunders had made a miraculous recovery. The Sharks are 8-1 after an impressive victory last week over Bettie Weaver – the school, not the lady.

Friday (2/21) – My face-to-face week continued into Friday morning as I spent three hours meeting with the attorneys of CowanGates. We had a very productive meeting and it was very good to see both Franks, Neil, David, Melanie, Mike, Brandon, Scott, Heath,Rusty, Deborah and Maryann. I walked out of Salisbury Country Club and into a tornado.

This tree branch fell right in front of me at Salisbury Country Club. I almost died.

Friday afternoon — I am not kidding — we received a call from a funeral home that needs help with marketing. I hear every agency in town is dying to get that business. #ILoveAGoodPun

Raid Kills Bugs Dead,

David Saunders
President & Chief Idea Officer

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Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 2/17/14

Hey folks,

In the meadow we can build a snowman

and pretend that he is Parson Brown,

He’ll say ‘Are you married?’ we’ll say, ‘No man,

but you can do the job when you’re in town.’

–  Walking in a Winter Wonderland

At Madison+Main last week, everyone was talking about the weather, worrying about the weather, planning for the weather, reacting to the weather, dealing with the weather or enjoying the weather. Last week got started early as I traveled to historic downtown Winchester on Sunday to shoot some TV spots for First Bank. (I had to drive through flurries Sunday night because the Sharks had a late game Sunday afternoon – Jack and his team won both games HANDILY and are now 7-1 and going to the playoffs.)

Monday (2/10) – It was an 8am start for Account Executive Sammy Yatco and me Monday morning, and with the help of our friends at Broadscope Media we shot two ads on Monday, the first entitled, “The Open Road” and the second “Open for Business.” We got a chance to hang with Jamie and Greg from First Bank Monday night, and Sammy delivered the quote of the week: “UGGH,” (gulp) “it was smooth, but I just don’t like Tequila shots,” (deep breath) “I like Vodka shots.”

Meanwhile, back in Richmond, VP of Operations Molly Quarles was in charge and for once, all the trains ran on time.

Filming on location at Bonnie Blue in Winchester

The threat of weather did not deter the standing room only crowd who attended the Manchester High School combined choral concert, featuring Touch of Swing, Hattie’s show choir. She had a big solo to start the show and she NAILED IT. Girls just wanna have fu-un!Tuesday (2/11) – On Tuesday morning we switched production locations to beautiful downtown Mount Jackson, Virginia (population 2,017) and we shot our last ad called “Open a Bacon Account.” Back at Madison+Main, we were making contingency plans to deal with the weather. In other words, we were responding to all of our clients and vendors who canceled their appointments on Wednesday and Thursday. #SNOMG

*Programs were generously designed and printed by RVA’s most civic-minded marketing agency, Madison+Main.

Wednesday (2/12) – On Wednesday, despite Polar Vortex III, the snow held off long enough for us to get in a full day of work. At 8am I joined colleagues with the Virginia Council of CEOs at the Bull and Bear Club for a very productive meeting. Afterwards I ordered the perfect winter weather warm-up lunch (extra spicy Panang Curry)  then raced off to the Center of the Universe (aka Ashland) to deliver new TV concepts to one of our favorite clients, Howell’s Heating and Air.

Just as weatherman Dave Tolleris predicted, the snow started falling an hour before our Media Mixer started. We had record attendance at Postbellum: 14 brave, hearty souls who decided that drinking was more important than sledding.

Speaking of brave souls, Lindsey “Go Rams Go” Durfee joined me at the Siegel Center to watch my beloved Rams trounce the GW Colonials 92-75.

Lindsey Durfee questions a call by the refs at the VCU game

Friday (2/14) – My Valentine’s Day gift to everyone at work was to give them another snow day. My beautiful bride Sue got a heart-shaped box of truffles and a dozen red roses… from Walmart. C’mon, it was one of the only places open during the #Snowpocalypse. I am a hopeless romantic — snow or no snow.The only sad thing about not being at work Thursday was missing Dorsey McFadden‘s one year work anniversary. Congrats, D-Mac!Thursday (2/13) – On Thursday morning, we shuttered the office and most of the Madison+Main-iacs worked from home in their pajamas. I only worked half a day and then proceeded to act like a teenager in the afternoon, hooking up a tow-strap to my Jeep and dragging the neighborhood kids around on sleds until they were too cold and wet to continue.

Punxsutawney Phil was right. Dave Tolleris was right. But the Weather Channel got it wrong.

Jack says, “Wintergreen got more snow than Midlothian”

Got Biscuits?




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Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 2/10/14

Hey folks,

“When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad.” – The Sound of Music

Football, one of my favorite things, ended Sunday night with RVA favorite Seattle blowing out Denver in front of 150 million or so of my closest friends. Every year I watch the Super Bowl I have to drink Coke (without Bourbon), because I have to get up at 4:30am to “Monday morning quarterback” the Super Bowl ads for local media.

Amazing, but true fact #1: a dog bit me Sunday night at the Super Bowl party.
Amazing, but true fact #2: I was on two different TV segments Monday; WRIC Channel 8 and NBC12.

Monday (2/3) – It was good to see Amie McLain and Morgan Dean at 8News for myGood Morning Richmond appearance Monday morning. Later in the day I stopped by NBC12 and spoke with Ryan Nobles on First at Four.

The Ad Man and the News Man

I even managed to get some work done for Virginia Women’s Center and Davis & Green Electrical. We were especially delighted that Kate Mendez, Marketing Director at VWC, was able to drop by our offices for a working lunch.

Tuesday (2/4) – It was a raucous Rotary crowd Tuesday morning and I paid a $5 fine for being all over TV on Monday. Account Manager Kelley Miller and I spent most of the day down in Virginia Beach; her previous happy hunting grounds. I do like the beach in the summer. In February, the beach is cold and wet. Regardless, it was a productive day and we made it back to RVA just in time to have a drink at CanCan with Zak Saul, General Manager at Kambourian Jewelers. (Hey guys, Valentine’s Day is one week from today. You really need to visit Kambourian – Carytown or Midlothian – or on the web.

Wednesday (2/5) – On Wednesday, word started spreading ’round town about our new partnership with Village Bank, so it was fitting that I spent most of the day working on-site at their Midlothian headquarters. “The Village People” are a fun group and we’ve certainly enjoyed working with them already.

I also went to the dentist Wednesday, but you really don’t want to hear about that. It’s a painful story.

Proving once again that I will go to great lengths helping clients — and help them save money — I dropped by Broadscope Media Wednesday night to record Yard Works’ phone system messages. “Thank you for calling Yard Works, making the world beautiful one yard at a time. All of our associates are currently busy helping other customers…”

Thursday (2/6) – Thursday brought on another early morning meeting at the Commonwealth Club, where 24 of 25 members of Insiders Club were forced to meet in a closet (yes, that was an inside Insiders joke.)

I spent most of Thursday working on “business stuff” with M+M partner and Director of Operations Molly Quarles, and I was lucky enough to join her at Rappahannock for dinner and watch my beloved Rams of VCU destroy the University of Rhode Island whatever-you-call-thems. At the game I met Josh Stolberg, who almost convinced me to buy a Ram hat made entirely of recycled bottle caps. Josh is very creative fellow and apparently drinks enormous amounts of beer. Check out his site:

Josh mugs for the camera while I try on his Ram Horns,
made entirely of beer bottle caps

Friday (2/7) – Retail Merchant’s Association delivered another stellar First Friday Forum Friday morning, and I had the distinct honor of giving a customer testimonial on behalf of Village Bank. Yes, they are a client, and yes, we are a customer of theirs. I highly recommend Village Bank for their commitment to service and the community. Think. Shop. Buy Local. starts with your bank.

For those of you keeping score at home, I had five straight meetings last week that all started at 7am or earlier. I am now locking my door and taking a nap for the rest of the afternoon.

The Sharks are 5-1 after trouncing Midlothian 52-11 last Saturday. Jack had 5 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists.

This is a picture of my knee, shortly after I was bitten by a Pitbull at a Super Bowl party. #ouch


Amazing but true fact #3: Coca Cola’s tagline from 1906 to 1916 was The Great National Temperance Beverage.

“Open Happiness,”

David Saunders
President & Chief Idea Officer

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Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 2/3/14

With last week being the end of the month, I think the theme at Madison+Main was out with the old and in with the new. We said goodbye to some old friends and hello to some new ones.

Before I get started on Monday’s report, several of you commented that you missed my sports reports. We are mid-way through basketball season and I’m happy to report the Sharks are 4-1, and lead the intercontinental division of the Chesterfield Basketball League.

Monday (1/27) – On Monday morning, I stormed Capitol Hill for the MS Society and dropped in on several members of the General Assembly, including Delegates Roslyn Tyler, Rick Morris, Ron Villanueva and Majority Leader Kirk Cox. It was my second attempt at lobbying. It was interesting and I hoped it helped the MS Society, but hanging around politicians all day is not my idea of fun.

In the afternoon, we dropped by CowanGates offices in Midlothian and had a great meeting with their leadership team. I enjoy this type of work more than lobbying. :)

Tuesday (1/28) – With snow, school closings, the Polar Vortex and sleeping through an alarm clock, I missed four Tuesdays in a row at Midlothian Rotary, so it was nice to see the gang this week and hear interim Midlothian School Board Representative Dr. Jim Schroeder. Dr. Schroeder talked about Chesterfield County Public Schools and why citizens and businesses should invest in them.

Also on Tuesday I was happy to learn that my friend Debi Girvin, President of Locklynn Companies, has decided to run for the Midlothian District School Board seat. I cannot think of a more qualified or dedicated person than Debi, and I am THRILLED to support her. Here’s an article from the Chesterfield Observer showing how Debi is already “shaking” up the school board race.

Wednesday (1/29) – On Wednesday we got hit with our second “Blizzard of ’14″ and we decided to keep our Downtown office closed, but thanks to technology everyone was able to work from the comfy confines of their own homes. Special thanks to Sammy and Lindsey for “sliding” in to work in the afternoon.

On Wednesday night, Hattie and I saw our VCU Rams take on the Fordham Rams in a mid-season A10 match up. VCU won, of course. I’m already making travel plans for March 12th – 16th for the A10 Conference Tournament in Brooklyn, NY (Shoot me back an email if you’re going too!).

Thursday (1/30) –  Earlier in the week, we said goodbye to a longtime client, but on Thursday we said hello to a new one, Village Bank. “Out with the old and in with the new.” We’re very excited about working with Village Bank, for several reasons. We’ve been customers of Village for a while and have been totally impressed with their customer service, attention to detail and full slate of business products. It looks like the Madison+Main-iacs are really going to like working with the “Village People.” News hit the wires on Thursday, check it out!

Friday (1/31) – Friday morning Cindy Hodges, our relationship manager at Village Bank stopped by with a basket full of Panera goodies and hooked us up with remote deposit.

Sarah Murphy and I had a working lunch at Dinamo, a new cafe on West Cary Street, close to VCU. It was amaze-balls and I highly recommend it. Check them out at

In the afternoon, Amanda and Dave from Cream Studios stopped by to meet the team and show us their portfolio. It’s impressive. Check it out here.

Is this the world’s best brand? Or the world’s worst brand?

The NFL has strict guidelines on using the word “Super Bowl” in advertising, but I bet you didn’t know you can use the word Super Bowl in an email. Super Bowl. Super Bowl. Super Bowl. Take that NFL.

“This email is copyrighted for the private use of our audience. Any other use of this email, pictures or accounts, without the expressed written consent of Madison+Main is strictly prohibited.”

David Saunders
President & Chief Idea Officer

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Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 1/27/14

Yay, we did it! We survived the Great Blizzard of 2014 with minimal damage. And although my kids were excited that Chesterfield County Schools were closed for the week, the kids at Madison+Main were hard at work, braving the elements and single-digit temperatures. Despite this, everyone I know had a great week, except Justin Bieber.

Monday (1/20) – On Monday, we finally gave Lindsey Durfee a day off. Although she earned the much-needed break from the madness at Madison+Main, we as an organization were completely lost without her. Somehow, we managed to carry on with the help of our friend Scott Elmquist, Photo Editor at Style Weekly, who dropped by to lead a Lunch & Learn for the team. Thanks to Scott for taking the time to teach our crew the finer points of custom commercial and editorial photography! You can see Scott’s work every week in Style Weekly and every day at

It was delightful to have Kara Forbis in town, if only for a few hours. With the threat of snow, Kara hightailed it back to the high country – Blacksburg.

On Monday, I was also delighted to announce that Sarah Dawes Murphy has accepted a newly created position within our company: Marketing Communications Executive. Sarah has done such a great job with PR and long form copywriting for web, email, press releases and so much more, that we decided to move her from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor, where she joins our Creative Team.

Tuesday (1/21) – On Tuesday morning I normally go to Rotary, but with Chesterfield schools out, Midlothian Rotary cancelled its meeting at the DoubleTree at Koger Center. Yes, as a reminder, Chesterfield schools were closed Tuesday even though it didn’t start snowing until 5pm…

Meanwhile back at the office, coworkers shared a delicious breakfast of birthday cake with extra sprinkles and coffee. Kara left her daughter Sutton’s 5th birthday cake at the office in her rush to beat the winter weather, and the Madison+Main-iacs devoured it like a pack of Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Let them eat cake… for breakfast

Wednesday (1/22) – Thanks to the marvelous “gift from God” we call the Internet, Madison+Main kept working through the Blizzard of 2014 through email, Skype and a host of other fancy Interweb products. The office was closed, but we kept working in our Christmas Jammies.

Sadly, we had to cancel our January Media Mixer on Wednesday night, but the next one will be on Wednesday, February 12th at the same location: Postbellum. Mark your calendars and RSVP here on Facebook or email Lindsey.

Thursday (1/23) – On Thursday, the entire crew was saddened to hear that love actually can’t keep us together, apparently. After 39 years of marriage, The Captain and Tenille filed for divorce. But who am I kidding? Most of the guys and gals at work are too young to remember Captain and Tenille. :(

At the Virginia CEOs Quarterly Luncheon, Snagajob Founder Shawn Boyer spoke to the group about what it takes to make it from startup to the big leagues. Apparently the short answer is… “money.”

On Thursday night I had not one, not two, but three dates to the big dance. Thanks to Lindsey, Kelley and Sarah for coming with me to the Chesterfield Chamber’s Annual Banquet. Madison+Main got a BIG round of applause when Chamber President Danna Geisler announced that our firm would be providing branding and marketing services to the Chamber – pro bono – this year. ”Those guys are awesome!”

Friday (1/24) – Among the early morning meetings, phone calls to clients and normal workload, I took time Friday afternoon to reflect on the wonderful life of a friend’s mom, who recently lost her battle to cancer. Funerals aren’t very fun, but they force you to think about what’s important in life.

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Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 1/20/14

Life is like a game. Like any game, there are winners and losers. There are good days and bad days. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and occasionally you end up in a tie. Navy football coachEddie Erdelatz famously said in 1953, “A tie is like kissing your sister,” but I prefer Baseball Hall of Famer George Brett’s slightly less famous quote… “If a tie is like kissing your sister, losing is like kissing your grandmother with her teeth out.”

The hashtag last week at Madison+Main was #winning.

Monday (1/13) – Who says you can’t fight City Hall? After an extremely busy, yet productive day I joined several business owners and neighbors to speak before Richmond City Council to express our concerns over the new development at 1st and Canal. First of all, thanks to Cape Fear Publishing President John-Lawrence Smith for alerting us about this project, that will directly affect our business. Despite Council Vice President Ellen Robertson’s obvious affinity for the project and the developers, we did convince Council to delay the vote, and are working to get several concessions from the developer. #winning

Tuesday (1/14) – The first half of my Tuesday was spent with fellow CEOs from the Virginia Council of CEOs. In the second half, I joined fellow board members of the Chesterfield Chamber for a board retreat at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center. I sat in RGIII’s locker and took a selfie. (My son Jack was the real winner at camp this year, when Running Back Roy Helu threw him his skullcap just like“Mean Joe” Greene threw a kid a jersey in a Coke commercial in 1979.) #winning

Memento? Nope. Jack wore Roy Helu’s skullcap in every game this year

Wednesday (1/15) – On Wednesday, we had early morning guests, (a potential client) so I forced everyone at work to come in early. They still haven’t gotten over it. But, that extra half hour proved to be very productive.

I presented a new media plan to our friends at Virginia ENT later that morning. It’s always good to see the dynamic duo of Susan and Suzanne :). In the afternoon, Sammy “The Ninja” Yatco and Kara “Bulldog” Forbis helped me present three new TV concepts to our clients at First Bank. They liked all three and couldn’t decide which one to pick. That’s a win, right? #winning

Thursday (1/16) – On Thursday, I had the pleasure of speaking to an enthusiastic crowd (59) of legal administrators, operations directors, marcom execs and other members of the Richmond Chapter of ALA (Association of Legal Administrators) at Willow Oaks Country Club. The presentation was well received. The chicken cordon bleu was stellar. Yet, we had a hard time getting those rambunctious South Richmond Rotarians, who were meeting next door, to “pipe down.” :)

In the afternoon, we assembled in “The Hub” to pick entries, er, I mean, winners for the Richmond Ad Show.

At Jack’s basketball scrimmage the Sharks Minor A Team beat the Sharks Intermediate B Team. With wins last weekend over Swift Creek and Spring Run, we’re leading the National Conference of the Chesterfield Basketball League. #winning

Friday (1/17) – For the second day in a row, I had phone consultations regarding the ad business. In addition to my day job at Madison+Main, my part-time job coaching the Sharks and an occasional lecture at VCU, I am a part-time consultant with Gerson Lehrman Group, which means Wall Street analysts call me occasionally and pay me to give them my opinion. Nice gig, eh? #winning

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Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 1/13/14

It was back to the ol’ grind last week at Madison+Main after my family and I went on vacation to ring in the New Year. To quote Miley Cyrus, “I came in like a wrecking ball.” After two solid weeks of “family time” nothing could hold me back from work this week…

Monday (1/6) – On our way back from San Juan, we learned that the “Polar Vortex” was more severe than originally thought, dipping all the way into Puerto Rico and knocking out JetBlue for 17 straight hours. I’ve always been a fan of JetBlue… until they left us stranded in Florida … and told us they couldn’t fly us back until Sunday, January 12th. So we took matters into our own hands – rented a car – and drove 968 miles home.

How was your Monday? :)

Meanwhile back at the office, Account Executive and PR Specialist Sarah Dawes Murphy celebrated her 2nd work anniversary with a feast from Alamo BBQ. And our friends at CBS 6 sent us footage from Greg McQuade’s story last week on mobile apps featuring our very own Katie Hurst. Click here to watch it.

Tuesday (1/7) – On Tuesday, I plowed through an Arctic blast of emails that had accumulated over the holidays and tried to answer each and everyone individually. However, I failed. We did, however, put the finishing touches on two new client proposals and worked with the creative team on a new series of TV ads for First Bank, our clients based in beautiful downtown Strasburg, Virginia.

We had accomplished a lot Tuesday considering the fact that I was running on six hours of sleep in 48 hours…

Wednesday (1/8) – On Wednesday, we unveiled our latest ad for Springdale at Lucy Corr Village. Special thanks to our friends at BES Studios – especially Executive Producer Mark Remes – who did a phenomenal job putting together this new spot. And yes, the star of the show is Jack Saunders, my son, who is making his second TV appearance.

Thursday (1/9) – On Thursday, we did some internal strategic planning work for 2014, which should have been completed in 2013, but we were too busy working on clients’ stuff. Thanks to VP Kara Forbis for keeping me on track and all of her hard work on this project.

We officially declared Thursday “Colleen Festa-vus Day,” celebrating the 1st work anniversary of Graphic Designer Colleen Festa, by ordering a delicious gluten-free lunch.

We had a great meeting with our friends at Northern Neck Insurance on Thursday morning and in the night cap, I had a Daddy/Daughter Date Night with soon-to-be-driving Harriet “Hattie” Saunders, where we watched our beloved VCU Rams CRUSH the GMU Patriots 71-57 at “The Stu.”

Specials thanks to our client Howell’s Heating & Air for their sponsorship of VCU basketball, everybody looked great in their “Be Comfortable” T-shirts last night!

Friday (1/10) – On Friday, I locked myself in the office and wrote copy. Lots and lots of copy. Radio copy. TV copy. Web copy.


On another note, over the holidays several friends and family members asked me what it’s like working at an advertising agency.

My answer? It’s exactly like AMC’s hit series Mad Men, Season 4. Everyday.


P.S. Jack turned 12 on Friday, January 3rd and we celebrated at Hooters in St. Thomas. Lucky boy.

“Lucky Strike. It’s Toasted,”

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Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 12/23/13

December rolls on, the holidays are in full swing and I’ve been wearing my Ron Burgundy jacket everywhere. No matter where I go, no matter which party I attend, random women come up and want to rub my fuzzy festive blazer. There is a reason for the season and a reason that I bought this sports coat. Last week Sammy modeled it for you.

Last week we were busier than a one-toothed beaver in a dam building contest…

Monday (12/16) – On Monday, giant boxes arrived at Madison+Main, and inside were 200 copies of the Madison+Main 2014 Calendar: “These Are a Few of My Favorite Sandwiches.”Throughout the week we delivered calendars and foot-long hoagies to friends, clients and partners. Best comment of the week came from NBC 12′s Rachel DePompa who said “nice calendar Dave, but it still won’t replace my dirt woman calendar.”

Madison+Main’s 2014 Calendar

On Monday night I was doubled-booked and had a serious choice to make: attend my son’s 6th grade band concert or go drinking with friends at Uptown Alley. I chose option B and drank with fellow CEOs at the VACEO’s ”holiday gathering.” My wife Sue attended theBailey Bridge Middle Band Concert. I felt great Tuesday, but Sue’s ears are still bleeding.

Tuesday (12/17) – Following a great meeting with Kambourian Jewelers on Tuesday morning, I was able to connect with old pal Corey Humphrey over lunch at Mama Mamusu’s Africanne on Main, home of the ‘Pay $6.99 by the pound’ lunch buffet. Yes, it’s a weird concept, but it works.

In the afternoon I wrote several advertising masterpieces, including new radio spots for our friends at Howell’s Heating & Air. In the nightcap, Jack and I drove down to the Siegel Center and watched the VCU Rams wallop Wofford 72-57. #GoRamsGo

Wednesday (12/18) – On Wednesday, I wrote to President Barack Obama and asked him to name the day “Sammy Yatco Day,” in honor of her birthday. When he refused, we went to Ukrop’s Bakery and bought pink cupcakes and showered her with expensive gifts (not really, it was a gift card to Hobby Lobby, one of her favorite crafting stores).

At lunchtime, I dropped in on our friends at BES Studios and we put the finishing touches on Springdale’s new TV ad, which will appear on a television screen near you in January.

On Wednesday night, I had dinner with the lovely and talented Geoff Glisson and his equally lovely and talented wife Ari. Geoff is our kick ass Art Director who just moved to the area from New York. We had a great steak at Morton’s and they didn’t ask us to take off our stocking caps.

Thursday (12/19) – On Thursday, I had a 12-hour work day starting with an early morning meeting and ending with Smith Sharks basketball practice. In the morning, I spent some time in the recording studio doing TV end cards and radio spots. In the afternoon, I met with the Board at Virginia Women’s Center and presented their 2014 marketing plan. It’s going to be an exciting year for them and they have some major announcements coming in January.

Friday (12/20) – Friday morning brought in more holiday cheer as the gift baskets from partners kept piling up on our reception desk. Special thanks to Broadscope Media, CBS 6,Comcast Spotlight and Liquid Talent who dropped off festive holiday gift baskets this week.

I haven’t tried this Made in Virginia strawberry jam called “Tastes Like Grandma’s,” because I hope it really doesn’t taste like a Grandma.

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Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 12/16/13

The holiday season so far at Madison+Main has been more Go Go Go than Ho Ho Ho; we’ve been busier than a one-armed lumberjack. I find it amusing that so many things have to end by December 31st… and so many other things must begin on January 1st. Ahh, marketing.

Monday (12/9) – Last Monday, I conducted most of my business by iPhone, as I traveled to meet with new clients in Roanoke, Virginia. Since VP of Brand Strategy Kara Forbis opened up our new office in Blacksburg, Virginia, we have enrolled four new clients in the Western part of the State. Every time I make a visit West, I am completely impressed by how much new business activity is going on in Roanoke, Lynchburg and the New River Valley.

Of course, no trip West would be complete without a visit to my favorite Greasy Spoon: The Texas Inn, a Lynchburg tradition and home of the Cheesy Western. I bought a sack full.

Tuesday (12/10) – On Tuesday morning, it was my privilege to introduce Danna Geisler, new President of the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce, to my fellow members of the Midlothian Rotary Club. Danna “wowed the crowd” in her talk about pressing business issues, such as workforce development, transportation and regional cooperation. The club was very impressed with her, and we made sure to give her an application for membership at the end of her presentation. ;)

Later that morning we had a creative campaign presentation for The Money Mom and I finished off the day by attending two holiday parties, including one with my fellow Insider’s at Willow Oaks Country Club. It’s time to break out the holiday ties and tacky Christmas sweaters. Yeah baby.

Wednesday (12/11) – On Wednesday, I attended the last Chesterfield Chamber luncheon at Meadowbrook Country Club (the Chamber is moving to the Sheraton on Midlothian Turnpike in 2014) and we gave thanks to McGuire Wood’s very own “dirt lawyer” Brennen Keene for his valiant leadership as President this past year.

We met with a potential client on Hump Day and worked on several press releases in the afternoon, including one for Richard Bland College, who has a MAJOR media announcement next week… stay tuned.

Also on Wednesday, Samantha Levine – my style consultant from Tom James – stopped by with some new duds and a “Christmas jacket.” The guys and gals around the office said it made me look like Ron Burgundy.

Account Executive Sammy Yatco tries on Dave’s “Ron Burgundy” jacket.

Thursday (12/12) – On Thursday morning, I presided over the Lucy Corr Foundation board meeting. Look, somebody had to be Chairman and no one else volunteered. Seriously, I do enjoy LCF meetings because I see so many friendly faces and they treat me to breakfast. The Lucy Corr Foundation supports services and programs that enhance the lives of the elderly in Central Virginia. Learn more about this great organization here.

We had some great calls and meetings on Thursday and it appears we will be announcing several new client relationships at the beginning of the year, and for that I am very thankful.

There’s no better way to cap off a busy day than yelling at a bunch of sixth grade basketball players and blowing off steam by blowing a coach’s whistle. It’s good therapy, I highly recommend it. Thursday night, I was back coaching the nine talented but slightly rambunctious Smith Shark basketball boys.

Friday (12/13) – Graphic Designer Colleen Festa was out of the office all day and I truly missed her, but what the heck, she works hard and deserves at least one day off a year. Friday was that day.

Thanks to the Richmond Dental Society for inviting me to speak to their austere body at Independence Golf Club this morning. We talked about brand, marketing, convergence, web 4.0 and really bad dentist logos. (Reminder, if you need a speaker for your civic, community or business group you can call Lindsey Durfee at 521-4141 and book me. I’m cheap.

Friday as we said farewell to a dynamic group of young people, our interns this semester, we send a heartfelt thanks out to Dustin Hennessy, Shay Kazi, Marie Sicola and Taylor Thornton. What did they learn this semester? 1) The ad business is tougher than it looks and 2) Dave likes Diet Cokes.

Remember, there are only 8 more shopping days until Christmas. Hurry, offer ends soon. See website for details. Offer not valid in Alaska or Hawaii.

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Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 12/9/13

Hey folks,

The “big @ss” Christmas tree went up last week at Madison+Main and the Times-Dispatch reminded me this morning that there are only 15 shopping days until Christmas. All of us at Madison+Main survived Black Friday, but our Holiday Open House almost killed us…

Last week at Madison+Main was fun and festive:

Monday (12/2) – On Monday, Sammy and I had the pleasure of seeing Laurie Aldrich and her team at the Virginia Wineries Association (we love wine and wine people). On Monday afternoon we pitched a prospective client, but I can’t tell you who it was, because two of the almost 4,000 subscribers to the Weekly Report are competitors. :)

Administrative Assistant Lindsay Benesek was excited that she got to wear jeans to work on Monday, but was bummed to find out that she had to pull all the Christmas decorations out of our spooky 19th century basement.

Tuesday (12/3) – On Tuesday morning, I was double booked and had to decide which meeting to attend – Rotary or Chesterfield Business Council – and I am ashamed to admit that I hit the snooze bar twice and bailed on both meetings. I did arrive promptly at 9:00 am and the day was a whirlwind of activity. Highlights included lunch with our friends at Yard Works, then a meeting with Uptown Alley and we capped off a busy day by sitting down with Chris, Matt, Amy and Rachel at Capital Ale House Midlothian.

Wednesday (12/4) – I woke up on Wednesday and my house was dark and quiet. The flu knocked out Sue and the kids but I was fortunately spared. We welcomed our clients from Northern Neck Insurance in the morning and First Bank in the afternoon. It was a busy and productive day, so we treated ourselves to cocktails and big fat steaks at Morton’s.

Little known fact: Morton’s is open for lunch for select dates during the holidays – December 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th and 20th from 11:30am – 3:00pm. Just call Sean or Acree at Morton’s and they’ll hook you up (804) 648-1662.

Thursday (12/5) – On Thursday our client Kambourian Jewelers made a “bold statement” by officially opening its second location. The Richmond retail institution held a ribbon cutting ceremony at its new store in Market Square, adjacent to Brandermill. Special thanks to our friends at the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce for helping us organize the event.

Kambourian Jewelers opens in Market Square in Chesterfield County

Somehow we had enough energy to conduct a White Elephant Gift Exchange before the Holiday Party: Dorsey got a Witch hat and Geoff got a bongo. During the Holiday Open House, I drank a lot of Bourbon, wore Dorsey’s hat and broke Geoff’s bongo. Remember, it’s not a party until somebody breaks the bongo.

Who knew our building was famous too? That is our friend Steve Lyons from BES Studios filming Virginia Lottery’s Lady Luck for a TV spot.

Friday (12/6) – Congratulations to Lindsey Durfee, the only employee to make it to work on time. :) We had several casualties from the Holiday Party, so “Casual Friday” turned into “R e a l l y  Casual Friday.”

We still managed to deliver a proposal, knock out a Commonwealth of Virginia RFP for advertising services and meet LeClairRyan Parter and Super Lawyer Will Shewmake at Rappahanock for oysters and Bourbon, while we plotted our takeover of the Western Hemisphere. We have a plan. Nothing can stop us. How much does a death ray cost?

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