Madison+Main Weekly Report 9/12/14: The End of Regulation

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When I watch a football game, the announcer warns about “the end of regulation” and viewers eagerly anticipate to find out who the winners and who the losers are. In business, “regulation” has a whole different meaning. Generally, regulation is designed to protect people from business, but somewhere along the way many in our government forgot that small businesses, like ours…and the ones we represent…are owned by people. Despite the fact that 98% of all business is small business (employing under 100 people), many in our state’s vast bureaucracy forget this.


I spent most of my week trying to salvage a state contract we have. Maybe it’s time that the Commonwealth of Virginia – which touts itself as a top state for business — cut out a couple of stupid regulations that are killing small businesses. #OnMySoapBox


Last weekend I was in sports heaven, watching NASCAR live at RIR and watching Virginia Tech bounce the Buckeyes on TV at the same time. I had a great time hanging out with our new client, Brian Walker from Riverside Turf. My son Jack enjoyed the game too, and it was a much-needed diversion following the Sharks‘ football loss earlier that day.  #Heartbreaker


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