Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – 12/12/14 – It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Hey Folks,

According to Lite98Easy 100.9 and Sirius XM’s Joy Channel 17, “it’s the hap-happiest season of all, with those holiday greetings and gay happy meetings when friends come to call…” The holiday party season is upon us and that reminds me, our holiday party is next Thursday and the theme is “Island Casual”.  #NoAndyWilliamsSweatersAllowed.   Madison+Main is a busy beehive of activity and I just broke out my Santa jacket, so I could wear it to all of the parties.
Monday, December 1st – Although it’s the season of giving, I found myself in an unusual position on Monday. A business acquaintance asked for my assistance five weeks ago. She asked if I would connect her to some investors to get her business idea off the ground. She dropped off a nice bottle of Eagle Rare bourbon, after she made the request. I shopped the idea around, but alas, no takers. Her response? She wanted her bourbon back. I laughed, but she was serious. Who drops off a bottle of nice bourbon at an ad agency and expects it to remain unopened for a month? Nevertheless, I stroked a check Monday to repay her for the gift. #JawDrops, #WTF.Another friend, LeClair Ryan partner Will Shewmake, called me Monday and invited me to see the Redskins play this weekend. I am quite confident this time that the tickets are a gift and he won’t ask me to pay for them next month. #FingersCrossed
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