Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 10/28/13

After last week at Madison+Main, I may have to turn in my “man card.” I wrote two TV Ads about jewelry. I reviewed color swatches with “the girls” and thumbed through furniture catalogs. I ate my first salad in two years… and I got a pedicure.

I’m turning into a chick. :(

I know you’re dying to learn what happened at the corner of “Madison Avenue and Main Street” last week, so let’s get into it:

Monday (10/21) – At Monday morning’s meeting I shared news of the Alberta Smith Sharks incredible victory over the Spring Run Huskies, 24-0 last Saturday. The Sharks have won seven in a row and remain undefeated this season!!

Tuesday (10/22) – I spent most of Tuesday morning in the recording studio, voicing radio spots for Howell’s Heating & Air, Uptown Alley and several TV voiceovers. It is always fun to spend time with my buds at Broadscope Media. Congratulations to Nick DiMartino who joined the Broadscope team this week full time!

I also met with Ric Withers, President of Wythken Printing on Tuesday. Wythken is Madison+Main’s longest-running client, having signed a contract with our company eight years ago this week. If you are looking for business cards, brochures or any commercial printing needs call Wythken first at (804) 353-8282 or visit

Wednesday (10/23) – On Wednesday we were treated to a boatload of chicken nuggets and delicious Chik-Fil-A sides by Primerica Area Manager Amanda Chase, who delivered a very informational “Lunch & Learn” to the M+M crew. Do you know the difference between term life and whole life? Well, I didn’t until Wednesday. Thanks to Amanda for dropping by and helping us navigate the complex world of life insurance.

Later that afternoon, Kayte Pellock from AFR dropped by to talk to us about the options they have for special events and trade shows ….and to consume a couple of margaritas.

Our new Margaritaville brand margarita-maker! #tequila

VP Kara Forbis was also in town and made me eat a salad. This was the first salad I have had in two years.

Thursday (10/24) – On Thursday we spent time preparing several 2014 media plans for clients, including one for Yard Works. I’m pretty sure we’ll be making a TV sequel to the “Weekend Warrior” next year, so check out Yard Work’s award winning spot here.

In the afternoon, I consulted with a client on LinkedIn’s new recruitment advertising platform. We have learned a lot over the past couple of months about using social media sites to recruit top-notch talent. If you’re having trouble finding the right person for the job, call us, maybe we can help your company too. (804) 521-4141

Special thanks to the world’s best media rep Brendan Kennedy from MNI/TimeWarner Publications, who treated the Main-iacs to manicures and pedicures at Fusion Nail Spa on Thursday night. Account Manager Kelley Miller plied me with alcohol and forced to me to get a pedicure.

The Madison+Main-iacs get pampered in Carytown.

Friday (10/25) – On Friday morning Digital Marketing Manager Dorsey McFadden and I worked on clients’ Google+ pages and brainstormed new ways to leverage Google’s changes in SEO algorithms (if you don’t know what that last sentence meant, click here).

At lunch, I was able to reconnect with RVA’s Secret Millionaire Debbie Johnston, CEO of Care Advantage and about a dozen other companies. Normally I would pick up the tab, BUT I was having lunch with a millionaire, so I let Debbie pick up the tab at Tripp’s. In all seriousness, congrats to Care Advantage for being Finalists in the GRCC Impact Awards!

Friday afternoon Comcast/Xfinity  “super rep” Karen “Moneybags” Newmyer dropped by with food and giant cocktails. She gave our Account Team a presentation on why we should buy more Comcast. The liquor worked: We’re buying more Cable TV!

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