Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 1/13/14

It was back to the ol’ grind last week at Madison+Main after my family and I went on vacation to ring in the New Year. To quote Miley Cyrus, “I came in like a wrecking ball.” After two solid weeks of “family time” nothing could hold me back from work this week…

Monday (1/6) – On our way back from San Juan, we learned that the “Polar Vortex” was more severe than originally thought, dipping all the way into Puerto Rico and knocking out JetBlue for 17 straight hours. I’ve always been a fan of JetBlue… until they left us stranded in Florida … and told us they couldn’t fly us back until Sunday, January 12th. So we took matters into our own hands – rented a car – and drove 968 miles home.

How was your Monday? :)

Meanwhile back at the office, Account Executive and PR Specialist Sarah Dawes Murphy celebrated her 2nd work anniversary with a feast from Alamo BBQ. And our friends at CBS 6 sent us footage from Greg McQuade’s story last week on mobile apps featuring our very own Katie Hurst. Click here to watch it.

Tuesday (1/7) – On Tuesday, I plowed through an Arctic blast of emails that had accumulated over the holidays and tried to answer each and everyone individually. However, I failed. We did, however, put the finishing touches on two new client proposals and worked with the creative team on a new series of TV ads for First Bank, our clients based in beautiful downtown Strasburg, Virginia.

We had accomplished a lot Tuesday considering the fact that I was running on six hours of sleep in 48 hours…

Wednesday (1/8) – On Wednesday, we unveiled our latest ad for Springdale at Lucy Corr Village. Special thanks to our friends at BES Studios – especially Executive Producer Mark Remes – who did a phenomenal job putting together this new spot. And yes, the star of the show is Jack Saunders, my son, who is making his second TV appearance.

Thursday (1/9) – On Thursday, we did some internal strategic planning work for 2014, which should have been completed in 2013, but we were too busy working on clients’ stuff. Thanks to VP Kara Forbis for keeping me on track and all of her hard work on this project.

We officially declared Thursday “Colleen Festa-vus Day,” celebrating the 1st work anniversary of Graphic Designer Colleen Festa, by ordering a delicious gluten-free lunch.

We had a great meeting with our friends at Northern Neck Insurance on Thursday morning and in the night cap, I had a Daddy/Daughter Date Night with soon-to-be-driving Harriet “Hattie” Saunders, where we watched our beloved VCU Rams CRUSH the GMU Patriots 71-57 at “The Stu.”

Specials thanks to our client Howell’s Heating & Air for their sponsorship of VCU basketball, everybody looked great in their “Be Comfortable” T-shirts last night!

Friday (1/10) – On Friday, I locked myself in the office and wrote copy. Lots and lots of copy. Radio copy. TV copy. Web copy.


On another note, over the holidays several friends and family members asked me what it’s like working at an advertising agency.

My answer? It’s exactly like AMC’s hit series Mad Men, Season 4. Everyday.


P.S. Jack turned 12 on Friday, January 3rd and we celebrated at Hooters in St. Thomas. Lucky boy.

“Lucky Strike. It’s Toasted,”

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