Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 2/24/14

Hey folks,

It was a busy and productive week at Madison+Main, as I was able to see lots of clients face-to-face, which I think is better than following their exploits on Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, a 16-year-old told me last week that Facebook was “dead.” Although I don’t agree with this, a recent University College of London report states that “…with 16-18 year olds, Facebook is not just on the slide, but it is basically dead and buried…” The logic behind this stems from the fact that Facebook usage among teenagers has dropped 25% in the last three years. However, the article fails to mention that Facebook doubled in size in that same time period and grew in every other age segment except 15-18. Long live Facebook.

And long live meeting people face-to-face.

Monday (2/17) – Monday was President’s Day, one of my all-time favorite holidays. Most people take the day off, but at Madison+Main we were hard at work, trying to make some more “Dead Presidents. I took a brief break to drive my wife Sue to Advanced Orthopedics, so they could look at her knee. The other weekend Sue nearly escaped death when she fell off the side of Wintergreen and broke her tibial plateau. (She’s doing much better, thanks for all of the kind words and wishes you sent our way last week.)

We welcomed in a new batch of really fun, cool, smart young people this week, also known as the Madison+Main Interns, and at our Monday Morning Meeting we were treated to their “nickname presentations.” When you call the office next week and Kristen answers, just simply call her “Cheeeetah.” Rocky is now “Mullet,” Brandon is “Dingles,” and Josh is“Dragonballz.”

Don’t ask.

Tuesday (2/18) – I was back in the saddle at Rotary and got some face-time with lots of friends, including Jimmy Hyman, who next week becomes the new GM at Green Top…one of my favorite stores on Earth.

In the afternoon we sat down for a good face-to-face with Greg Green and Lynn Green, our friends at Davis & Green Electrical, where we presented the quarterly marketing report and talked about their next series of PR and marketing initiatives.

I also got some time in the studio at Broadscope Media on Tuesday, putting the finishing touches on our new series of TV ads for First Bank. The spot is SO HOT that the Richmond Fire Department showed up halfway through our recording session.

No one died during the making of our new ad for First Bank

Wednesday (2/19) – On Wednesday morning I had a one-on-one with the lovely, talented Terri Jones with Wordplay Creative. Special thanks to Trina Willard from Knowledge Advisory Group for making the introduction…via LinkedIn. Trina, when will I see your lovely face again? Soon I hope!

Speaking of lovely faces, Sarah Dawes Murphy and I met with the marketing committee for the National MS Society of Central & Eastern Virginia on Wednesday night. My first suggestion? Let’s rebrand with a much shorter and simpler name. (Don’t you think MS Society of Virginia would be a better brand name?)  🙂

Thursday (2/20) – Lots of work during the day, but the highlight was meeting with Richard Bland College and some of my favorite clients, Dr. Debbie Sydow, Laschrecse Aird and Jenna Chaney.

I got a call in the middle of the day from the nurse at Bailey Bridge Middle School who told me that my son Jack had a concussion. It appears that the boy banged his head into the locker door above him. His mom said, “send him back to class.” I said, “there is no way you can get a concussion banging your head on a locker door two inches away.” The teacher and nurses aid begged to differ and sent him home…diagnosis: concussion. A couple hours later at basketball practice, the younger Mr. Saunders had made a miraculous recovery. The Sharks are 8-1 after an impressive victory last week over Bettie Weaver – the school, not the lady.

Friday (2/21) – My face-to-face week continued into Friday morning as I spent three hours meeting with the attorneys of CowanGates. We had a very productive meeting and it was very good to see both Franks, Neil, David, Melanie, Mike, Brandon, Scott, Heath,Rusty, Deborah and Maryann. I walked out of Salisbury Country Club and into a tornado.

This tree branch fell right in front of me at Salisbury Country Club. I almost died.

Friday afternoon — I am not kidding — we received a call from a funeral home that needs help with marketing. I hear every agency in town is dying to get that business. #ILoveAGoodPun

Raid Kills Bugs Dead,

David Saunders
President & Chief Idea Officer

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