Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 6/10/13

In the words of the seemingly immortal Charlie Sheen, last week was a #WINNING week at Madison+Main. From Monday to Friday, from the top to the bottom and from clients to partners to vendors, it was a week where we had tiger blood coursing through our veins (can you believe its been two years since Charlie Sheen flipped out?)

Monday (6/3) – On Monday Art Director Jeff Smack took a well-deserved day off, after leading his MS Bike team “Team Stelliza” on a 150-mile, two-day bike race to and from Williamsburg. Jeff, with the support of his teammates at Madison+Main, raised over $1,000 dollars individually and his team pulled in over $6,000 dollars to support those living with MS.

Jeff - 2013 Bike MS: Ride Virginia

Art Director Jeff Smack riding to Williamsburg, Virginia for Bike MS: Ride Virginia

The 32nd Annual Vintage Virginia Food and Wine Festival was also a big winner last weekend, our hard work PR and marketing services for festival producer, Across-the-Way Productions, seems to have paid off with attendance increasing substantially from last year’s festival. With one festival down, we set our sights on the Virginia Wine Festival, which is set for September 14th and 15th at the Great Meadow in The Plains, Virginia.

Tuesday (6/4) – Madison+Main’s winning streak continued Wednesday morning as Digital Marketing Manager Dorsey “D-MAC” McFadden delivered a stellar performance at the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce’s “Coffee Talk,” where she dropped social media knowledge bombs on the crowd and wowed them with her knowledge of LinkedIn.

I spent most of the day hanging out with VP of Brand Strategy Kara Forbis, Account Executive Sammy Yatco, Art Director Scott Harris and our friends at Broadscope Media producing our 2nd TV spot for Howell’s Heating & Air. A new service tech from Howell’s and a new family will be featured in this spot, but never fear, our wacky “Waaay to Comfortable” scene continues. This spot should be ready in a couple of weeks and I’ll share it with you then.

The stars of the new Howell’s Heating & Air TV Ad

Wednesday (6/5) – On Wednesday we were thrown for a loop first thing in the morning when some brilliant person from the brilliant construction company who is working on the brilliant hotel next door, brilliantly cut our cable fiber, which killed our phone and internet line. But to prove that the Madison+Main-iacs are a resilient bunch, we took the time to cleanup, file and generally organize our office. Below is a photo of the gals fixing the supply room.


 Without phone and internet, our supply room was the hub of activity on Wednesday

Thursday (6/6) – We had planned on making our big announcement on Wednesday but because of the lack of Internet and phone, we were a communications firm without the ability to communicate. On Thursday we were thrilled to announce that we were the recipient of six coveted Telly Awards, 2 silver and 4 bronze. The Telly Awards are essentially the Oscars of the TV production awards… in fact, the same company that makes them also makes the Emmy’s. We were told that our trophies are “in the mail.” Speical thanks to the Colonial Athletic Association, First Bank, Yard Works and Capital Ale House for allowing us to produce some award-winning work for them. #winning To see the award-winning spots click here.

Friday (6/7) – Friday was a busy day: we went shopping for office furniture at Ball Office Products and worked on a Press Release for Ball Office Products, talked to both owners of Ball Office Products and ordered some office products from Ball Office Products. By the way, congrats to our good friends Jonathan and Melissa Ball on their new super huge office and showroom on Westmoreland Street. Remember folks, Jonathan and Melissa are not only clients, but we consider them friends, and its good to see a local company succeed against the “big guys.” Just click here, order some stuff and you’ll get some cookies… promise!

We had a ball shopping for office furniture at Ball Office Products, pun intended.


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