Madison+Main Weekly Report 9/5/14: Stuck in the Middle With You

Hi folks,

It was a short week at Madison+Main and I appreciate the guys and gals at work who took over last week’s report. My friend Harry Garmon, President of Top of Mind Communications, wrote me to say, “I like this week’s report better than yours,” which is a true testament to the team’s writing abilities and sense of humor.  Like the old Stealers Wheel song, at Madison+Main, I’m lucky to have “clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right…”

Holy moly. It’s September… and “…here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”


Monday, September 1st: On Monday I wrapped up a long weekend with my son Jack and we drove “The Beast” due north from Ocracoke and survived a near death experience in Buxton (long story short: a gasoline nozzle burst open while filling the car and doused me with gasoline.  Jack saved me by punching the emergency shut off button and the station manager helped hose me off.  After a few deep breaths and a quick change of clothes, we were back on the road. However, I had to stop suddenly 20 minutes later in Salvo and jump out of my bathing suit because the chemicals in the gas were burning me #NekkidInAParkingLot). Which reminds me, 20 years ago I was naked in the Black Rock Desert and almost caught on fire… it was 1994 at the Burning Man Festival.



This could have been me.

Despite this, we had a great Labor Day picnic with our dear friends, the Moon family: Rob “Full” MoonKathy “Crescent” MoonSean Moon”shine”Meghan Moon”dance”Griffin Moon”walk”, and Danny “Cutest Boy in the World” Moon. Because I still smelled like 87 octane, no one would let me cook on the grill.   


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