Madison+Main’s Weekly Report – 11/21/14 – Celebrate Success

Hey folks,

A number of years ago I made a list of ten things I think that people need to do in order to be successful. Number 10 on that list is “Celebrate Success.” I think it’s important to have fun and mark milestones with your colleagues. Sometimes we get very busy and fail to do that. But this week we had a lot to celebrate, so we did. 🙂 (If you’d like me to send you my Top 10 Tips for Success, just email me back and I’ll send you a free copy.)

Last Sunday I was pressed into service as Lay Worship Leader at Brandermill Church. It looks like an important job. I have to wear a suit and I stand at the pulpit and say things like, “Let us stand as you are able and join in our call to worship.” When our preacher, Reverend Brooks, asked the congregation to share the good news, I told him that I launched a new Cheesecake business with some partners. His response? “That’s wonderful news David. Did you bring me some cheesecake?”

Natasha Tries the World's Best Cheesecake
Natasha Tries the World’s Best Cheesecake


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