Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 1/23/15 – Apparently I’m THAT Guy

Hey folks,

Last week, I MC’d the Chesterfield Chamber Annual Gala… and the reviews are still pouring in. Most of those in attendance laughed at my jokes, but I heard a couple of local politicians were not amused by my witty barbs. #sorrysenator On Friday, I was introduced as “that guy” who wore a dress at the Chamber Gala and made everyone laugh. I’m okay with being “that guy”. Maybe it’s part of my personal brand. I’m loud. I joke around a lot and I get a lot of attention. I’m 47 and perhaps I’ve finally come to terms with it.

I am not, however “that guy” who takes off his clothes and jumps in the James River for a good cause, but I am “that guy” that helps to promote these events. Keep Virginia Beautiful will hold “Shiver in the River” on Saturday, January 31st. Drop by Historic Tredegar Ironworks, and take the plunge.

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