Madison+Main’s Weekly Report: 8/29/14: Madison+Main-iac Mashup

Hi everyone,

The Main-iacs have taken over Dave’s Weekly Report again, thanks to the overwhelming response we got after our email last month.



But really — our fearless leader is off enjoying the long weekend with his son, Jack, in Ocracoke, so we’re holding down the fort at 101 E. Cary. When it came to writing the Weekly Report, each of us wanted the chance to share a little piece of our week with you. And so, without further ado…

Monday, August 25th (as told by MarCom Executive Sarah Murphy): If you’re an avid reader of the Weekly Report, you’re probably well aware of the “Madison+Main Monday Morning Meeting. In the meeting we share personal and professional success stories from the week prior, run through our collective “to-do” list and name one special Main-iac as the “Above and Beyond” Award Winner. This week’s winner was the lovely Casey Severinghaus, and so the following Haiku is written in her honor:

Above and beyond 

Casey C. Severinghaus

 is always going.

…to read the full article, follow this link.

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