Using Social Media to Develop Influence

How do you gain influence, personally, professionally, and as a company? Developing influence in the social space is essential for cultivating expert expert status. This should be a primary strategy, especially in B2B. Lawyers, accountants, consultants & business people of most types should use social media as an audience to gauge content and gain feedback.

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Customer Service & Brand Promise

Madison+Main’s Chief Idea Officer Dave Saunders┬ásits down with Documentary Film Producer Kieran Wagner each month to discuss brand, marketing and social media. In March Dave discusses proactive customer service through social media, and it’s effect on the fundamental way in which it affects how we deliver “the brand promise.”

Dave explains customers used to go to the responsible party or decision maker. These days, consumers go directly to their friends and family and an instantly online audience. You have to be within earshot and deliver proactive customer service to address these issues. Your customers probably won’t include you in the conversation when they give feedback if you’re not already engaged.

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