Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 1/20/14

Life is like a game. Like any game, there are winners and losers. There are good days and bad days. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and occasionally you end up in a tie. Navy football coachEddie Erdelatz famously said in 1953, “A tie is like kissing your sister,” but I prefer Baseball Hall of Famer George Brett’s slightly less famous quote… “If a tie is like kissing your sister, losing is like kissing your grandmother with her teeth out.”

The hashtag last week at Madison+Main was #winning.

Monday (1/13) – Who says you can’t fight City Hall? After an extremely busy, yet productive day I joined several business owners and neighbors to speak before Richmond City Council to express our concerns over the new development at 1st and Canal. First of all, thanks to Cape Fear Publishing President John-Lawrence Smith for alerting us about this project, that will directly affect our business. Despite Council Vice President Ellen Robertson’s obvious affinity for the project and the developers, we did convince Council to delay the vote, and are working to get several concessions from the developer. #winning

Tuesday (1/14) – The first half of my Tuesday was spent with fellow CEOs from the Virginia Council of CEOs. In the second half, I joined fellow board members of the Chesterfield Chamber for a board retreat at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center. I sat in RGIII’s locker and took a selfie. (My son Jack was the real winner at camp this year, when Running Back Roy Helu threw him his skullcap just like“Mean Joe” Greene threw a kid a jersey in a Coke commercial in 1979.) #winning

Memento? Nope. Jack wore Roy Helu’s skullcap in every game this year

Wednesday (1/15) – On Wednesday, we had early morning guests, (a potential client) so I forced everyone at work to come in early. They still haven’t gotten over it. But, that extra half hour proved to be very productive.

I presented a new media plan to our friends at Virginia ENT later that morning. It’s always good to see the dynamic duo of Susan and Suzanne :). In the afternoon, Sammy “The Ninja” Yatco and Kara “Bulldog” Forbis helped me present three new TV concepts to our clients at First Bank. They liked all three and couldn’t decide which one to pick. That’s a win, right? #winning

Thursday (1/16) – On Thursday, I had the pleasure of speaking to an enthusiastic crowd (59) of legal administrators, operations directors, marcom execs and other members of the Richmond Chapter of ALA (Association of Legal Administrators) at Willow Oaks Country Club. The presentation was well received. The chicken cordon bleu was stellar. Yet, we had a hard time getting those rambunctious South Richmond Rotarians, who were meeting next door, to “pipe down.” :)

In the afternoon, we assembled in “The Hub” to pick entries, er, I mean, winners for the Richmond Ad Show.

At Jack’s basketball scrimmage the Sharks Minor A Team beat the Sharks Intermediate B Team. With wins last weekend over Swift Creek and Spring Run, we’re leading the National Conference of the Chesterfield Basketball League. #winning

Friday (1/17) – For the second day in a row, I had phone consultations regarding the ad business. In addition to my day job at Madison+Main, my part-time job coaching the Sharks and an occasional lecture at VCU, I am a part-time consultant with Gerson Lehrman Group, which means Wall Street analysts call me occasionally and pay me to give them my opinion. Nice gig, eh? #winning

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