Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 3/10/14

Hey folks,

If I could sum up Generation Y in one word, or better yet in one hashtag, it would be #YOLO: You Only Live Once. I’m surrounded by twenty-somethings and their “take no prisoners” attitude suits me just fine. It was a #YOLO kind of week at Madison+Main: busy, productive, fun and edge-of-your-seat excitement. Last Sunday night, I barbecued steaks in the rain. On Monday morning, I dragged my kids around the neighborhood, hooked to the back of my Jeep, through the snow. Why not? #YOLO

Monday (3/3) – It’s ironic that a generation that embraces fearlessness falls apart at the first sign of the powdery white stuff. So, we closed our offices Monday and worked from home in our flannel finery. But never fear, work was done, campaigns were launched and clients’ deadlines were met. At Madison+Main, we work hard and we play hard.

On Monday we also kicked off our latest integrated marketing campaign with this Instagram post:

For more information on Madison+Main’s “Banana Campaign,” visit

Tuesday (3/4) – On Tuesday we were back in the office and helped our friends at the Central & Eastern Chapter of the National MS Society kick off MS Awareness Week. We did our part by wearing orange — the signature color of the MS Society — and want to thank our friends in the media (like Julie Bragg, Rob Cardwell, Morgan Dean, Kerri O’Brien, Ryan Nobles and more) who wore orange ties and orange scarves in support of MS Awareness Week.

Sarah Murphy and I had lunch with Richmond Times-Dispatch business reporter Randy Hallman, and it was great to catch up and swap “war stories.” Be sure to check out Randy’s weekly Metro Business column, BizBuzz, in print and online.

Wednesday (3/5) – On Wednesday everybody dressed to the nines, hair was perfect, and the office was meticulous. The reason? Our friend Scott Elmquist stopped by to snap some photos for our website. Two reasons I like my new headshot: 1) it’s funny, and 2) it hides my fat face.

On Wednesday afternoon we had a very productive Virginia Council of CEOs meeting at the office of Keener Communications (thanks to Jannemieke Keener for hosting), and we invited estate and elder law attorney Scott Stovall, partner at CowanGates, to speak to the group. Scott did a great job and everyone was very impressed by his knowledge and experience. If you, like me, are dealing with the complexities of aging parents, I would highly recommend you reach out to Scott.

Thursday (3/6) – The Insider’s Annual Breakfast was held Thursday morning at the Commonwealth Club for the 42nd consecutive year. I am now the mayor of the Commonwealth Club on foursquare. #YOLO

In the afternoon we had a very productive meeting with the leadership at Village Bank and we are about to launch their new marketing and PR campaign. Stay tuned and #banklocal. And speaking of buying local…

On Thursday night my beloved VCU Rams squeaked by cross-town rival University of Richmond (56-50). Earlier in the day VCU unveiled its new athletic logo…designed by an agency in Ohio…despite the fact there are so many good branding firms here in Richmond…and despite the fact they have the #1 graduate advertising school in the country…and despite the fact it looks eerily similar to the Buffalo Wild Wings logo…and despite ALL of this…I STILL LOVE MY RAMS.

Friday (3/7) – On Friday I took advantage of the gloomy weather and an open calendar to lock my office door and catch up on all of my “writing” assignments. To ensure productivity, I grabbed a six-pack of Diet Cokes, a Padron 1964 (cigar), and put this sign up on my door.

I got a lot of work done and I downloaded a new app called Map of the Dead. It’s an iPhone app that allows you to find places that will help you survive the impending Zombie Apocalypse. Check it out here.

The Alberta Smith Sharks lost in the first round of the playoffs last weekend. #sadface It was a good and valiant effort and I’m proud of the boys for going 9-2. But I AM counting on the Rams winning the A10 Tournament in New York next week. They better win…I’m driving to Brooklyn.

We bring good things to life,


David Saunders
President & Chief Idea Officer

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