Madison+Main Weekly Report 7/11/14: In a Land Far, Far Away

Hey folks,

Once upon a time, the hardworking people at Madison+Main got to take a vacation. They traveled near and far, they traveled through exotic locales. Molly left for Costa Rica with her home-again hero LeeColleen is visiting New York City and I spent an afternoon in Hopewell.

Just kidding.

I’m flying out Saturday to meet up with Sue and the kids on the Isle of Man (Sue is from this tiny island in the middle of the North Irish Sea, and unfortunately it’s a 25 hour journey from everywhere on earth.) Woo-hoo, I get to spend my vacation with my In-laws…it’s a good thing my In-laws are VERY cool. On Saturday I fly from Williamsburg to Newark, from Newark to Belfast, hop on a ferry from Belfast to Douglas, then take a 45-minute cab ride to Sue’s hometown of Ramsey.

Despite vacations and summer travels, the Madison+Main-iacs got a ton of work done this week.

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