Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 4/11/14

Hey folks,

I’m the kind of guy that always tries to be on time. It’s been the same for everything: school, work, church and no one has ever called me “late for supper,” but this week I had to travel to Northern Virginia and Virginia Beach for client meetings and I was late for both.

I hate traffic and this week’s edition of the Madison+Main Weekly Report comes to you from mile marker 276, approximately seven and a half miles on the wrong side of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. I know that I have many friends in high places that read the weekly report so perhaps one of you can put a bug in the ear of Governor Terry McAullife about fixing Virginia’s roads, because quiet honestly I’m tired of being late. I guess that is the long way to explain that this week’s missive is coming to you after EOB.

It was a good week at Madison+Main, despite the fact that everybody had a case of “the grumpies.” Something about Mercury being in retrograde or some other astrological B.S., I’m not so sure.

Monday (4/7) – I got stuck in traffic on Monday morning and arrived to work 15 minutes late. I was greeted by VP of Brand Strategy Kara Forbis, who got up extra early to make the long drive in from our Blacksburg office. It was a busy and productive morning as we worked on some new projects for Pro-Safe Lift, a division of LinkMasters LLC, who will be unveiling their new brand next month.

The highlight of my Monday was visiting with Kate Mendez and Brenda Burgess at Virginia Women’s Center. We worked on finalizing the marketing plan for the Grand Opening for their new location in Midlothian. Yes, Virginia Women’s Center is headed to south side this summer.

At lunch on Monday, I was able to reconnect with longtime pal Trina Willard, President of Knowledge Advisory Group, a consultancy that guides non-profit organizations to achieve their goals. Trina brought us a couple of opportunities that we may partner on, and as always, we are thankful for that.:) We ate across the street at the diner formerly known as “Becky’s,” but now known as Cary 100, or something like that. I’m not quite sure.

On Monday night, Molly, Kara and I had a “meeting of the minds,” and since there aren’t enough hours in the day, we conducted a “working dinner” at Max’s on Broad. Dinner was 101% better than lunch and I was excited to find this new Belgian-themed spot in the most unlikely space on Broad Street. I love this place and highly recommend it.

Tuesday (4/8) – The trend continued Tuesday morning as I was 10 minutes late to my Rotary meeting, but I soon got back on track at the office while working on concepts for Sky Zone and putting the final touches on their second quarter media plan.

We were also very excited on Tuesday to release our latest TV spot for Howell’s Heating & Air entitled, “Comfort Club.” I’ve always tried to throw myself into a spot, and this time, I succeeded. Check out the spot below, complete with a cameo of yours truly in a bubble bath. #Seriously

Howell's Heating & Air - Comfort Club
Howell’s Heating & Air – Comfort Club

On Tuesday afternoon I was due at Toast, and I was even half an hour late for drinks. What’s wrong with me? I’m never late for drinks.

Wednesday (4/9) – On Wednesday morning I got stuck in a hellacious traffic jam on River Road trying to make an 8:00am meeting at the Country Club of Virginia. Apologies to my colleagues at the Virginia Council of CEOs for being “tardy to the party.” It was a good and productive meeting.

While I was doing fun stuff at work, Sue had a slightly tougher meeting with a few of Jack’s teachers. All is good now, but I think a couple of them wanted to send a warning shot across the bow of this sixth grader. The teachers say my son is a jokester and seeks the limelight constantly. He obviously gets that from Sue’s side of the family. #ISaidItWithAStraightFace

Thursday (4/10) – My Thursday travel buddy was Sammy “The Ninja” Yatco and we spent most of the day driving to and from beautiful downtown Strasburg, Virginia, where we conducted two social media trainings focused on leveraging LinkedIn for the First Bank team and its leadership. It’s always good to see the fun and fabulous folks at First Bank and we were able to preview their latest TV spot. Once I get final approval, I’ll be able to share it with you next week.

Friday (4/11) – I arrived this morning at 7:05, exactly five minutes late, to meet Kieran Wagner at our office, who has been helping us with a video project for the Chesterfield Business Council. I did, however, bring him a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit from Hardee’s and he forgave my tardiness.

After the early morning shoot, I dropped by VCU’s Student Commons to deliver a Keynote address to PRSSA students from all over the Commonwealth of Virginia. I was happy to meet so many young and enthusiastic future PR practitioners. Special thanks to VCU Professor Bill Farrar and PRSSA Vice President (and Madison+Main Intern) Brandon Singletary for inviting me.

I ran back to the office quickly and picked up my travel buddy, Kelley “Buttercup” Miller and we hightailed it to Virginia Beach to meet with some clients. Actually, Hampton Roads likes to be referred to as “Coastal Virginia.” I’ve lived in Virginia all of my life and just heard about this, but apparently, this was only decided yesterday. The client meetings went long and for once in my life, I think I will be late for supper.

Next week is Spring Break and the Saunders clan is headed south on NC Highway 12 to hide out on Ocracoke, just like Black Beard the Pirate did 300 years ago. This time, however, there will be more rum. #ARRGH #SurrenderTheBooty

Next week I’m handing over writing duties for the Weekly Report to the lovely and talented Molly Quarles, VP of Operations and Madison+Main Partner. Why not? It’s Good Friday and Molly blogs about good deeds on

Got a little Captain in you?


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