Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 10/14/13

I know you’re all dying to know the score of last week’s Sharks game, and I am dying to give you a report. The mighty Sharks of Alberta Smith downed the Clover Hill Bulldogs 24 – 2 on their home field and most likely ruined their homecoming festivities. With only three games to go in the CQL season, the Sharks are undefeated at 5-0. Yours truly is the Public Address Announcer. #LetsGetReadyToRumble

It rained so much last week at Madison+Main, that I started collecting animals in pairs and building a large boat. But, because of the government shutdown, I couldn’t get a boat building permit or a zoo license to keep exotic animals, so I put my Swami hat back on and returned to my day job as “Marketing Guru.”

Monday (10/7) – On Monday, we celebrated Digital Marketing Manager Dorsey McFadden’s birthday by gathering in the conference room and singing “Happy Birthday” to her. However, because Madison+Main employees get their birthdays off, she was not there to hear our lively rendition of #HBTY.

In other news, on Monday I was delighted to see that Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Biz Buzz Columnist Randy Hallman wrote about Richard Bland College’s recent re-branding. We have very much enjoyed working on this project with the leadership at RBC. In case you missed it take a look here to read the “Bold about Bland” article.

On Monday afternoon, we had a great meeting with the team from Kambourian Jewelers and are very excited about their new marketing campaign.

Tuesday (10/8) – Tuesday’s highlight was our 4th Annual M+M Chili Cook Off, where Katie Hurst was named Grand Champion, Graphic Designer Colleen Festa was a close 2nd with her Tipped Cow Chili, Sarah Dawes Murphy won 3rd place for the second straight year and Account Executive Sammy Yatco took home the “People’s Choice Award.” The judges apparently didn’t like my chili, which was entitled Jamaican Me Crazy Chili. Even though they know absolutely nothing about chili, I would like to thank WRIC Anchor Gene Cox, WTVR’s Lorenzo Hall and Style Weekly’s Restaurant Editor Robey Martin for being such good sports and judging this intense competition.

Our celebrity judges congratulate the Chili Cook Off winners!

Wednesday (10/9) – Wednesday started off tough as my son Jack had a tummy ache, which left me playing “Mr. Mom” in the morning.

On Wednesday afternoon, photographer and videographer Kieran Wagner was on scene snapping pics and shooting video for our new website. Apparently he captured a lot of good shots of us desperately trying not to look at him. “God willing and the creep don’t rise,” our new website will be up mid-November, but do not fret, I’ll send you a link.

Thursday (10/10) – On Thursday, I reconnected with my friend Karen Tucker, Account Executive at Ukrop’s Dress Express, and we tried out the new Indian Restaurant on Broad Street called Lemon. Two pieces of advice for you: 1) if you need branded apparel, call my friend Karen at (804) 323-3300, she’ll take care of you, and 2) never order anything “Indian Hot” at an Indian restaurant. Seriously, 24 hours later and I still can’t feel the roof of my mouth. (In all seriousness, Lemon was quite a find. The food was excellent. I highly recommend it.)

There are lots of things that we do at Madison+Main to keep the creative juices flowing, one of my favorites is a tiny dry erase board that sits on Marketing Administrator Lindsey Durfee’s desk. We call it the Durf Board. On Thursday, I learned that Durfee’s Law is very different than Murphy’s Law:

Friday (10/11) – At Madison+Main we have a Durfee and a Murphy. On Friday morning, Account Executive Sarah Dawes Murphy spent the morning visiting finalists for the Young Professionals Work Place Award. As a previous winner of the award, Madison+Main was able to enlist Sarah onto the selection committee and she did a great job. This year’s YP Award will be announced in November at the GRCC’s Annual Dinner.

On Friday morning, Kelley “Buttercup” Miller and I hit 64 East and drove down to Irvington, Virginia to present our brand and marketing strategy report to the Board of Directors at Virginia’s Best Insurance Mutual: Northern Neck Insurance Company. I cannot say enough great things about Northern Neck; their products and their people are both outstanding and we’re very excited about working with them. To learn more about them, visit their website.

Wherever you go this weekend, make it a great one.

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