Madison+Main Weekly Report 6/27/14: Priorities

Hey folks,

It was a busy week at Madison+Main, and for once I felt like my priorities were in order (this week’s theme of “Priorities” is brought to you by my friend Greg McQuade of Channel 6. Greg is one of the most positive people I know and inspires people constantly.) Keeping a good work-life balance is important, and I preach this to friends, family and colleagues. This week, I took some of my own advice.

Last Saturday I worked half a day. I hate working Saturdays. I never ask my team to work on weekends. I made up for it on Sunday with my parents in town and a family reunion (I find it ironic that my family would schedule a reunion on the longest day of the year.)

So this week, we tried to put a little more “life” in the “work-life balance.” And with Richmond coming in as the #5 Least Stressed Out City in America, it’s nice to see that much of the city has the same idea.

Monday, June 23:  On Monday I showed up on time at the office instead of an hour early and VP of Brand Strategy Kara Forbis got an extra half hour of family time each day this week by taking her daughter to soccer camp.

At the Monday Morning Meeting we welcomed Bentley Logue and Liza McGraw from St. Catherine‘s who decided to spend a week with us. I can imagine how the “How Did I Spend My Summer Vacation” assignment started… “We had to spend a week with a bunch of really weird people in downtown Richmond. It was like an ad agency or something, I don’t know.”

We had a very productive meeting with the leadership team at Commonwealth Autism Services on Monday, where we presented our brand and marketing report and showed them our designs for their new brand. They liked three out of four designs, which means we’re batting .750 for the month of June. #allstarnumbers

Geoff Glisson got in the spirit of the work-life balance discussion and left the office early Monday to cheer on his wife’s favorite team, Brazil. The rest of us closed down the office an hour early and popped in to the brand new studios of Overcoast Media for a quick tour and a slow cocktail.

Tuesday, June 24: On Tuesday we invited Steven Robertson of Blanchard’s Coffee to the office to meet with A #1 Client, Lauryn Adams from Village Bank, and we put together the framework for a new cross marketing plan for these two awesome local brands.

On Tuesday night, the advertising, marketing and PR worlds collided at SummerFest at theVirginia War Memorial. The Richmond Ad ClubAmerican Marketing Association(Richmond Chapter) and the local Public Relations Society of America chapter held a joint social event, and since we’re members of all three, the entire team of Madison+Main-iacs attended. It was a fun event, but in hindsight I should have dropped by Foxcroft to cheer onHattie and Jack and the rest of the Bayhill Point Torpedoes. (When in doubt, go support your kids.)  🙂


Lindsey Durfee pals around with friends at SummerFest

Wednesday, June 25: On Wednesday I took a break from the hustle and bustle at Madison+Main to drop by Lucy Corr Village to perform some duties for the Lucy Corr Foundation. We hosted representatives from the Community Foundation and gave them a tour of the free dental clinic created at LCV. Fingers crossed, I think they’re making a generous donation to help keep the clinic up and running and helping folks in Central Virginia.

Three mysterious business people dropped by the office Wednesday afternoon and we worked on our top-secret project that I mentioned last week. They begged me not to “spill the beans” in the Weekly Report. All I can say is BIG news is coming and it’s going to be delicious.

On Wednesday night Sue and the kids and I did something totally out of character, but completely wonderful. We stayed in, turned off our phones and cooked burgers on the grill. It was the best night of the summer so far.

Thursday, June 26: On Thursday morning I dropped by one of my favorite places, Can-Can Brasserie, to have a cup of coffee with Susan Craven Johnson, owner of WKH Solutions. Susan and I had a very productive meeting and we look forward to sending some business back and forth between our two companies. On another note, I’ve always loved the coffee at Can Can, and this week I learned why. It’s Blanchard’s.

Yesterday afternoon, we launched the world premiere of Sky Zone Richmond’s new online video spot, “Best. Birthday. Ever.” The video was brilliantly shot by Hal Dowdy and Noah Pearcy from Broadscope Media and features a ton of kids from my neighborhood, including “the star,” Darius Reed, the precocious 10-year-old son of friend and copywriter Michelle Reed. Check out the video below, and if it doesn’t make you smile, I’ll give you a full refund.


Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 1.45.14 PM

Best. Birthday. Ever.

Last night, Lorenzo Hall of WTVR CBS6 dropped by to interview me about the CDC’s provocative TV campaign. If you missed the story at 11pm, click here to watch.

Friday, June 27: I decided to take my own advice this morning and drive to Williamsburg to meet the family at Great Wolf Lodge

Molly said it was okay. And Sarah promised to do all of my work, including finishing this email.

Next week’s report will probably have a picture of me busting my butt on the wave machine. But to hold you over until then, have you seen Graphic Designer Colleen Festa‘s Friday Vine jokes yet?

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 1.46.35 PM



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