Madison+Main’s Weekly Report 10/24/14 – Life Doesn’t Have a Pause Button

Hey Folks,

Maybe it’s because I have another birthday approaching, but several things gave me pause this past week. It’s a busy time of year between networking events, client meetings, football practice four nights a week and weekly ceremonies at the high school for my daughter (honors society, beta society, ring ceremony etc). It’s hard to find time to take a few moments and reflect on things; accomplishments, friendships, obstacles etc. Sometimes I wish life had a pause button.

I was saddened to learn this week that my friend and colleague, Jack Hartmann, passed away after complications he suffered from undergoing a third back surgery recently. Jack was a very talented and dedicated pro whose legacy looms large for those in the RVA production community and the friends he has left behind. News of Jack’s death was unexpected and hit especially hard for me. We worked on a lot of projects together, but it never felt like work… we laughed a lot and we’re the same age, 46. (For those of you who didn’t have the pleasure of meeting him, you can learn more about the man here and more about his work here.)

So I took a little time this week to reflect on things, but life goes on.

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