Madison+Main Weekly Report 7/25/14: New Places, New Faces

Hey folks,

I’m back to writing the M+M Report this week, even though many of you wrote me while I was on vacation and told me how much you enjoyed last week’s report written by the Main-iacs. Yes, it was all very tongue in cheek, but I need to set the record straight: we did not paint the building pink, nor did zombies attack us, and Account Manager Sammy Yatco doesn’t play basketball for VCU.

I am sad to report, however, that Sammy’s boyfriend Andrew got a job in Ohio and Sammy was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the third round of the recent NBA draft. Best of luck to Sammy in her new career: pro basketball. The good news is we welcomed some new faces at Madison+Main this week, plus I got to see some new places last week on my trip to Ireland and the Isle of Man (see a quick video from my trip here).

Aha, I found my theme for the week: New Places and New Faces…

Monday, July 21st: My Monday started very early. I arrived at the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport at 12:30am (via Newark via Belfast via Douglas on the Isle of Man.) It took me 25 hours to get home, but I was back in the office at 8:00am and barely functioning on 4 ½ hours of sleep. Most normal people would have taken the day off, but I wanted to personally welcome Casey Severinghaus and Jessica Black to the Madison+Main family (yep, we had two new Madison+Main-iacs start this week and I’ll be introducing them to you more formally next week).

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