Madison+Main Weekly Report 8/1/14: Turn The Page

Hey folks,

Even though it’s only the first day of August, it seems marketers are ready to turn the page on summer. I don’t mind “back to school” sales or “end of summer” events, but when Costco starts selling Christmas decorations in July, I just have to shake my head in disbelief. Listen to me, folks. There is no need to get depressed. Summer isn’t over until September 22nd, and you’ve got five weeks before the kids go back to school. However, this summer’s group of interns has started to disband. But they left us with a video masterpiece.

Monday, July 28th: On Monday morning, the interns unveiled “Bold-y,” this semester’s hilarious video project. Without further adieu, I present Lizzy “Shrimp Toast” Samardge,Riley “Bro’Shea” O’SheaSam “The Sweetest Kid” Edwards and Kaity “Sea Bass” Byrum.

Bold Brands Win, Baby.
Bold Brands Win, Baby.

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