Madison+Main Weekly Report 8/8/14: Football!!!

Hey folks,

It was a fun, yet exhausting week at Madison+Main, as we celebrated the return of football. The Redskins invited Brady’s Boys aka the New England Patriots to RVA, but more importantly, the Alberta Smith Sharks began preseason conditioning. All of this meant, I spent a lot of time on the gridiron this week.

This also means I was smiling a lot, since I’ve had nothing to smile about since February 2nd, when football ended. 2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate? OUR CLIENTS!

Monday, August 4th: On Monday we had very productive Creative Concept sessions for Village Bank and Yard Works, and met with Susan and Suzanne at Virginia ENT in the afternoon. Jessica joined me and introduced herself to the VA ENT team, and we worked on a 4th quarter marketing plan for the good docs at Virginia ENT. The practice is also home to Total Hearing Care, Central Virginia’s leading group of audiologists. My grandpa had a hearing aid. My dad has had five sets of hearing aids (the dog keeps eating them) and someday–soon–I’ll need a hearing aid too. And I can guarantee that I’ll be visiting the Total Hearing Care center at Virginia ENT. Seriously folks I’m not buying my hearing aid at Costco.

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